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The Late Discovered Club

The Late Discovered Club

The Late Discovered Club is a podcast that gives late discovered autistic women and marginalized genders a voice. We bring you real life self-discovery stories, and compassionate conversations with some truly incredible women and people.

Created and hosted by Psychotherapist Catherine Asta whose own self discovery came at 42, with the behind the scenes technical expertise coming from her eldest daughter Caty Ava.

In each episode Catherine will be exploring real and empowering stories of late discovered autistic women and people from all walks of life - through an intersectional lens - helping to deconstruct stereotypes, and giving the next generation visibility.

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Episode 1 - Be the Change

Dec. 15, 2022

Our guest on our first ever episode is me, Catherine Asta , the Creator and Host of The Late Discovered Club. Having always been the champion of other peoples stories, I thought it was time to champion some of my own story. …

Episode 2 - Change the Narrative

Jan. 12, 2023

Our guest on episode 2 is ex-Olympic Rower and Founder of Neurodiverse Sport, Caragh McMurtry . Caragh talks to host Catherine Asta about her late discovered autism diagnosis, how she was misdiagnosed as having bipolar disor…

Episode 3 - Autistic at 40

Jan. 23, 2023

Our guest on Episode 3 is Toni B , creator and host of the podcast 'Autistic at 40'. After a lifetime of existential confusion, wondering if there was any place for her in this world, along with the pain and shame of knowing…

Episode 4 - This is who I am

Jan. 29, 2023

Andrea Anderson talks to our host Catherine Asta about her late discovered autism aged 45, just as the world was turning on a pandemic axis - what followed were two years of her carefully constructed world unravelling. How h…

Episode 5 - With Compassion

Feb. 4, 2023

Victoria Matthews-Patel talks to our host Catherine Asta about her experience of years of mental and physical ill health, which all culminated in a breakdown in 2018, and how, with professional help she uncovered layers of h…

Episode 6 - Out of the Dark

Feb. 9, 2023

Becky Davies joins our host Catherine Asta to shine a light on her late autism discovery at 38. As a Detective Inspector , Becky has the privilege of looking after the people who deliver a public protection service to some o…

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Welcome to our first Community Partner ‘A Tidy Mind’. Founded by Kate Ibbotson, a Neurodivergent Focused Therapeutic Coach and Professional Organiser.  Kate is the owner of A Tidy Mind, an organising and decluttering servic…

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Embracing Equity?

One of the key themes in the stories so far in season one is mental health, and how that has pushed so many of us into the darkest of places. It was indeed a feature in my own story, as a young adult, when an autistic meltdown pushed me to the poi…