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Jan. 23, 2023

Episode 3 - Autistic at 40

Episode 3 - Autistic at 40

Our guest on Episode 3 is Toni B, creator and host of the podcast 'Autistic at 40'. 

After a lifetime of existential confusion, wondering if there was any place for her in this world, along with the pain and shame of knowing that she was different but never understanding *why* Toni stumbled by chance upon a YouTube video about autistic masking, just around the same time she was wondering whether it was possible to carry on living. 

It was in this way that Toni, a health policy professional, discovered she was autistic - at 40. Toni is now on a mission to share everything she has learned about her autistic life - for the purpose that some of it may help others make sense of their too.

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