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Feb. 23, 2023

Episode 9 - A Work In Progress

Episode 9 - A Work In Progress

Our guest on Episode 9 is Laura Kerbey, Co-Founder of NEST

Laura received a diagnosis of ADHD in her forties, and comes on the podcast to talk about her autism self-discovery - this being the first time she has spoken publicly about what she’s slowly discovering about herself.

She describes herself as a “work in progress” of identifying herself and the realization that her neurodivergence includes autism as well.

Laura has been working with autistic children and young people for over 21 years, and her teaching career began as a lecturer in the Supported Learning Department of a large Mainstream College, and then as a Life Skills Co-ordinator at a residential college for young people with severe physical disabilities.

Laura specialised in Autism in 2002 when she became the Autism Champion for the Surrey College Network, she then became Assistant Head Teacher, then Head Teacher at an independent special school for autistic children.

In August 2016 Laura set up Healthy Happy Me, to support children and teens who are struggling with anxiety and other emotions, and in October 2018 Laura launched KITE Therapeutic Learning Services provoding bespoke therapeutic learning programmes for children who are unable to access school due to high anxiety or other needs.

In March 2020 Laura spoke at the first ever conference on PDA in the United States and is now an advisor for PDA North America, and she is the author of “The Educator’s Experience of PDA” which will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing in 2023.

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