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Feb. 14, 2023

Episode 7 - Too Autistic For Black

Episode 7 - Too Autistic For Black

Tee Cee joins our host Catherine Asta for a compassionate conversation to shine a light on her Late Discovered Autism. 

A presenter, writer, and filmmaker - Tee Cee is known for her colourful style, youthful nature and passion for Caribbean heritage. 

Diagnosed autistic aged 27, Tee Cee publicly revealed her diagnosis for the first time in her most recent documentary ‘Too Autistic for Black’. 

Commissioned by Warner Bros. Discovery as part of their Black British Unspoken series for Discovery Plus, the documentary explores what it’s like to be Black, British, and marginalised in the autism discourse. 

In 2022, Tee Cee hosted at the Birmingham 2022 Festival as part of Commonwealth Games, presenting the daily cultural programme. The festival saw over 750,000 visitors from all over the UK, the largest cultural programme to have accompanied a Commonwealth Games. 

Skilled on and off screen, Tee Cee was nominated for the Royal Television Society’s Breakthrough Off-Screen Award for her stellar TV and digital concepts, including a 45-episode short-form series ‘No Offence But’ which was published weekly on BBC Three’s socials and the 6-part iPlayer dating intervention series ‘My Mate’s A Bad Date’. 

Outside of her TV career, Tee Cee can be found inspiring the next generation through professional speaking and digital content creation. She champions personal and professional development through her platform 'Not Your Average Girl', which supports young women in the TV and digital sector, and her passion for inclusive storytelling continues in her written work.  

Aged 16, she wrote and published her debut children’s book ‘Snow Black, the Seven Rastas and Other Short Stories’, which was re-released in 2019. 

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