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Feb. 4, 2023

Episode 5 - With Compassion

Episode 5 - With Compassion

Victoria Matthews-Patel talks to our host Catherine Asta about her experience of years of mental and physical ill health, which all culminated in a breakdown in 2018, and how, with professional help she uncovered layers of hidden trauma, followed by her late discovered autism and ADHD aged 51.

Why her 25 years of work in the education and charity sectors as an early years teacher and a literacy and dyslexia specialist, working with people who were struggling and had low self-worth, along with being a trauma survivor and thriver, then led to her train as a ‘With Compassion’ coach championing women who grew up in emotionally dysfunctional families.

Victoria published her first book in January 2023 ‘It’s Not Just You – Making Sense of Life and Thriving After Growing Up in an Emotionally Dysfunctional Family’ where she writes about her trauma healing and the things she learned along the way.

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