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Feb. 16, 2023

Episode 8 - You Are Only Just Beginning

Episode 8 - You Are Only Just Beginning

Our guest in Episode 8 is Morgan Harper Nichols, an acclaimed artist, poet and Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly best-selling author. With nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, Morgan uses her art, her platform, and her experiences to connect with her community.

Morgan joins our host Catherine Asta to talk about her late autism discovery, the barriers to accessing an assessment, and her perseverance to finally getting a diagnosis at 31.

We talk about what Morgan describes as the process of illumination, as part of that self- discovery process, having to now share and self-disclose the parts of herself (very publicly) that she’s had  a lifetime of having to hide.

The realization that she is only just getting started unpacking her whole life and how that self-realization has felt discouraging at times, and challenged her on many levels - especially when it comes to relationships and having to rethink so many of them.

Unpacking the concept of wearing a mask, and the social media mask as a creator and an artist, the pressure and limitations that social media presents, and exploring joy outside of the internet without expectations, storytelling, special interests, and the importance of self-advocacy, and strength nurturing.

And how that process of illumination led Morgan to writing her new book, which was released 14th February called ‘You Are Only Just Beginning’ which focuses on new chapters in life.

The lessons within the pages inspired by, and created with those who may share a similar sense of fear for what’s ahead.

This book is for you.

This really was a beautiful interview where we get to compassionately shine a light on the storyteller herself.


As an extra bonus we are giving you a pre-play at the end of this episode of Alloras' new single unspoken/unheard which gets released on 24th February. We’ve been using a sample of this single in our podcast intro throughout season one. If you love the single as much as we do, pre-save the single download - as an unsigned band they need our support.

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