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Jan. 29, 2023

Episode 4 - This is who I am

Episode 4 - This is who I am

Andrea Anderson talks to our host Catherine Asta about her late discovered autism aged 45, just as the world was turning on a pandemic axis - what followed were two years of her carefully constructed world unravelling.

How her many bouts of burnout during her 10 + years working in fast growing, dynamic fashion and digital businesses saw her leave her career at ASOS severely burnt out, and devoid of any belief in herself at all.

And how a lifelong curiosity about identity and understanding how humans ‘work’ coupled with discovering her autism made her mission – to create environments in which humans can thrive – finally fall into place.

Andrea is in the final stages of writing a book ‘This is who I am; A guide to thriving with late life autism discovery’ which will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers later on in 2023.

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