Aug. 10, 2023

012. Facing Down our Clutter

012. Facing Down our Clutter

In this episode, Lisa and Shelly talk honestly about the clutter that’s taking over their lives. Do you look around your home and see stacks of stuff that causes you stress? We’re there for you in solidarity – and a lot of laughter! Although, if you’re expecting a roadmap to minimalism, remember we’re not perfect and we definitely don’t have all the answers.

Snippet from the Show: “In my mind I have a perfect plan for how to do this, but the execution of it is kind of what gets me.” – Lisa

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Making Room for God: Decluttering and the Spiritual Life by Mary Elizabeth Sperry

Sorting possessions to decide what to give away is easiest when accompanied by prayer.” – Mary Sperry

“Prayer makes it easier to open my heart to the freedom that comes when I let go of things that tie me to this world instead of helping me keep my focus on God.” – Mary Sperry

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