Feb. 9, 2021

Every Child is Uniquely Different with Robbin McManne | PA18

Every Child is Uniquely Different with Robbin McManne | PA18

 Becoming a mother is the most exciting yet scary adventure we'll ever embark on. I know we all wished there was a manual to becoming a parent and how to navigate the process. Unfortunately, this does not exist, but learning to accept our children for who they are is crucial for your relationship with them. Today we deep dive into the hard seasons of motherhood and how to find happiness and balance ( even when your child is having a tantrum)

In today's episode, we'll be learning about:

·      MOTHERHOOD: Nothing or none can prepare you for your journey into motherhood

·      UNIQUELY DIFFERENT: Every child is different in their unique way.

·      GUILT AND BLAME: It's easy for mothers to feel guilty and shame for thinking we "did this" to our children.

·      NEVER TOO LATE: The brain is growing and always evolving. It's never too late to step in and make a positive change for your child.

·      SHOWING UP: When you as a mother show up differently, your kids can show up differently.

·      UNDERNEATH: it's the behavior that is what's driving it.

·      COMMUNICATION: A Child's behavior is a form of communication that they're trying to communicate how they feel.

·      MELTDOWNS: It's NOT a behavior it's emotions out of control.

·      WE'RE HUMANS: We all have good days and bad days. Sometimes's it's easy to forget we have feelings.

·      GET ROOTED: in love and acceptance of what is.

·      IT'S OK: It's OK to get out of your way and ask for help! Asking for help is courage, not weakness.

About the Guest:

Robbin is a Certified Parent Coach, author, podcaster and speaker. She works with parents from all over the world to help them build more connection and find more joy and cooperation to their parenting.

Robbin is a former ‘Angry Mom’ and for over 12 years, Robbin juggled a full-time corporate career while being a mom and wife, prior to becoming a Parenting Coach. In her corporate career, Robbin has a background in marketing and public relations, training, and event planning. She understands firsthand how many moms struggle to balance work and family.

It’s because of her struggles as a parent that she found the world of peaceful parenting and has dedicated her life to teaching parents how to build a strong family, so their kids thrive.

Robbin’s work focuses on building and strengthening the parent child relationship so that children grow up with resilience, confidence and strong emotional intelligence. She works with parents to help them understand their own emotions and frustrations in parenting, so they can help build their children’s sense of self without losing themselves in the process!

In October of 2018 Robbin released her first book, “The Yelling Cure – How stress less and get your kids to cooperate without threats & punishments.” Her book is being read by parents all over the world 1000,000 copies sold to date.

Robbin divides her time working with her clients, speaking at events and spending time with her two boys and husband. You can usually find her at a hockey rink or sports field cheering on her boys. Most importantly, Robbin has changed the way she parents and connects with her sons and is dedicated to helping parents find the same joy, connection and cooperation in their families.





About the Host:

Melanie is uberly passionate about all things mindset, nutrition, and wellness. She's been deep diving into the wellness industry for over six years. She's learned to master her craft while working with others to get to the root cause of what's holding them back from their goals and bigger vision.

Melanie currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Oliver, and her son, Elliott. She enjoys being in nature, taking care of her house plants, reading, and snuggles with her boys.

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