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Amazing! So helpful!
Melanie is a wealth of knowledge. I love how passionate she is, educated she is, and down to earth she is. She has a way of really expressing her truth and allowing you to feel that you are not alone in your journey, because she’s been through it too. She is a true powerhouse and I’m so excited for more episodes!

My favorite well rounded podcast!
If you need a pick me up, this need to be your go-to! Melanie is so well versed and connects the dots when it comes to overall wellness of the body and the mind. She breaks down rituals and habits needed to become your best with humbling, helpful tips that if implemented make positive changes in your wellbeing.

I’m truly blown away!
Melanie truly cares about being here to support you! She gives in depth knowledge and expertise on understanding yourself from the inside out. I look forward to the next episode!

Truth, reality, knowledge, expertise, and insight!
A dose of truth and reality, filled with knowledge and expertise in becoming a better version of yourself! Melanie has a lot to offer and is very throughout and precise when it comes to taking a look at who you are and gives you tools to become who you want to be! This podcast is very insightful and motivating! I can’t wait to listen to more!!

Melanie is a bright ray of light in the journey to wellness.
Let me tell you about this woman! This podcast is good for the body, mind, and spirit. Melanie is down to earth and grounded in the most realistic and relatable guiding advice that helps you lead the life you want to live. Her perspective on truly honoring yourself and understanding those internal and deeply personal challenges is genuine and inspiring. I LOVE THIS, AND YOU, MEL!!

Valuable tips for a healthy life
This podcast has easy to understand information. The way it’s presented is easy to remember. One episode broke down the portion sizes and helped me realize I’m eating way too much. Overall, 5 stars for this fun podcast!

Super eye opening!
I love your perspective, Melanie! You’re going to help so many women heal their relationship with their bodies.

Melanie really cares about your well-being and wellness!
She is passionate and informed. Clearly driven to expand and share her knowledge of what can make us stronger, happier and healthier. Her sincerity is so evident and she is intentional, calming and a force of powerful goodness that can transform you from the inside out and beyond!

Love it
I love this , this podcast is really helping me , thank you so much . This is helping me create the life I want .