7 Figure Spiritual Leader

7 Figure Spiritual Leader

If you’re on a big mission (leading a global movement, expert in your field, raising consciousness on the planet) and you’re looking to create your next level leaps in money (into 6-7Figures), AND higher consciousness (partnering with Source as Source)…WITHOUT overworking, expansion/contraction hangovers or “the do it all yourself” mentality.

And you're choosing to do it the high-vibe and multidimensional way (from joy, surplus, co-creation) while deeply honoring your energy, genius-work and leadership mastery of both the higher and physical planes to create like wildfire.

Join Danielle Hoffman 7 Figure Spiritual Leader, best selling author, international channel and legacy-work coach and her guide Thoth, plus expert guests for energetic shifts and outer strategies to unlock your 1st or next 6 or 7 figures on the regular (and keep it), elevate consciousness and change the lives of thousands.

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