“That’s Myrony” (My + Irony)

“That’s Myrony” (My + Irony)

Can you recall having an event in your life that was so absolutely mind-blowing it made you realize Had you not taken THAT drive at THAT exact time or gone to THAT restaurant at THAT exact moment, the conversation you had, or the person you bumped into, or the situation that just happened, would have never taken place?
“That’s Myrony”! (My + Irony); another word for signs & synchronicities.

The bigger question is, “What do you do about them”?

Alysha has discovered how Myronies are the pieces to the giant “puzzle” we call life and says, “The key is to pay attention to “what, how, and why,” they show up in our lives”!

After becoming aware of these “Spiritual Breadcrumbs”, or the dots which connect our lives, Alysha created this podcast to teach others how to become aware of their own personal Myronies and put them to use in an effort to change the direction of their lives.

By listening to her guests share their Myronic stories, you’ll learn how to catch even the slightest Myronies, which can have an enormous impact and change the trajectory of your life!