Jan. 19, 2021

Becoming A Mom Cracked Me Wide Open with Rachel Caprice Krylov | PA15

Becoming A Mom Cracked Me Wide Open with Rachel Caprice Krylov | PA15

Did it feel like your life completely changed after you had a kid? I sure all hell know mine did. Today I'm talking with an incredible guest and dear friend, Rachel Krylov, as we go DEEP into being cracked open as a mother. We talk about the good, bad, and ugly and how to rise up and get empowered. You don't want to miss the magic, real-life experiences, and advice as we navigate through motherhood.

In today's episode, we'll be learning about:

·      YOU'RE NOT ALONE: Sometimes, the "mother" world can feel isolated and lonely. Just remind yourself you are loved and find a tribe that supports you and lights you up.

·      ASK FOR HELP: You don't need to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. Reaching out can help you feel stronger and more empowered.

·      BREAKING THE CYCLE: It's ok to live your own stories and not the ideas and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation.

·      Holding on: We hold onto more trauma than we know, and it can even start in the womb.

·      AGE OF TECHNOLOGY: We live in an era of having so much access to information, but it's about finding a balance not to feel bombarded and overloaded.

·      TRUST YOURSELF: We're intuitive beings and trust that the answers we need will come to us.

·      I WAS THE PERFECT PARENT BEFORE I HAD A CHILD: We think we have it all figured out, and then poof, we get thrown curveballs.

 About the Guest:

Rachel Caprice Krylov is an Intuitive Energy Healer that combines many modalities including energy healing, intuitive guidance, psychology, self-development, and holistic health. Rachel is an Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Mastery® practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach with almost a decade of professional practice and training combined. She has a speciality in Conscious Conception and works with families from conception, pregnancy, labor, into postpartum and parenthood. 

Rachel currently lives in Austin, Texas (Cedar Park area) with her husband, son, English bulldog, and two cats.  Rachel enjoys being out in nature, swimming in the greenbelt, making arts and crafts, and spending quality time with her family.  She has a background in fashion and interior design, and she loves thrift shopping and hunting for hidden treasures.   She loves to travel and learn more about other cultures and their spiritual beliefs.  She believes the key to life is honoring all that walk this Earth and finding the sacred in the profound.  

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Business Website:  www.lovehealexpand.com

About the Host:

Melanie is uberly passionate about all things mindset, nutrition, and wellness. She's been deep diving into the wellness industry for over six years. She's learned to master her craft while working with others to get to the root cause of what's holding them back from their goals and bigger vision.

Melanie currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Oliver, and her son, Elliott. She enjoys being in nature, taking care of her house plants, reading, and snuggles with her boys.

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