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OK to print.
Even though it's 1-and-a-half brodcasters, according to he-who-shall-not-be-named Santana, THEEE Marc and Lowell Show has a synergy that just isn't found very often. I love the childhood stories and catch myself laughing out loud at work while others give me super funny looks. My only suggestion is MORE SHACK. Keep up the awesome work guys, you almost make me want to be a semi-Jew too.

A Pee Your Pants Funny Show!
That has gotten better and better over time. I like the way both of these guys sound on the podcasts and really enjoy their stories. They have also taught me a few new terms such as ''Sharp Meter Pang" and other such gems. Show #16 had me laughing so hard that all my coworkers were giving me the stink-eye. Thanks for bringing the funny guys! Kim (aka mustangkim11 on Twitter)

Best show yet!
Love Jamie. How about some Eric...

Great fun
I'm a turbo fan of The Mike O'Meara Show and was rooting for Marc when he started this podcast. I didn't know Lowell before. The two of them are great and it's exciting to see them grow from the beginning. It's worth listening to the first couple shows to get the recurring jokes. Honestly, they weren't that bad :), Marc. They are funny and have a great give and take. I highly recommend listening and look forward to each new episode.

The Grocery Store Movement
The Marc and Lowell show is a very refreshing Podcast with great chemistry between the hosts of the show. These guys tell great stories, have entertaining guests and bust each other's balls at a professional level. Marc and Lowell make it very difficult for me to hide my laughter while I listen on my PC at work. The guy I share an office with must think I have turrets. Thank you for all the great episodes Marc and Lowell. You definitely have a fan. Ree bee bee beeeeee, Ra ba ba baaaa (In Dr. Sbaitso Voice).

Very happy I gave The Marc and Lowell Show a second chance!
I am a big fan of The Mike O'Meara Show and before that the Don and Mike Show, with that said; I give anything connected to TMOS and MORE broadcasting a chance. After listening to the early shows, I was disappointed. While Marc and Lowell have a great rapport with each other from over two decades of friendship, Marc's drinking got in the way of the funny and quality of the show. I came back 2 months ago and WOW! They have hit their stride and aren't looking back. With the recent visits from both Lowell's sister, Jamie and their best friend, Jonah, I am all in. Their show has a nostalgia quality to it without being old or maudlin. Love the stories about their time at camp and their history together reminds me of the same type of history I have with my best friend. Keep up the good work and I look forward to show every week.

Love this weekly podcast
After a drunken and awkward beginning, the boys have hit their stride in recent weeks. These two lifelong friends are at their best when describing daily annoyances and recalling stories from their juvenile deliquent childhoods. A must listen, I only wish it was on twice a week - then again it would probably only be half as good. Yeah, come to think of it, once weekly is probably perfect.

60 minute show with 50 minutes of laughs
Really, that's a compliment. Two guys who are very funny, but normal enough to invite over for a cup of Keurig.

Two Jews, one Mic
You have finally earned that valuable fifth star from me. The show continues to get better each week. I feel like I know you guys which in broadcasting is the highest compliment. Keep up the awesome effort!

Your show is great buuuuuuut......
I really love the show! My only complaint is now everytime I see Lowell on WBAL I can only think "bwee bee bee beeeeeee"! That is especially hard when he is covering a serious story....and everyone is wondering why I am laughing. But seriously, a really great show with great chemistry. Makes me think I am listening in on a private conversation. Fun stuff!

a big bowl of fine
A fun show to listen to, mostly because M&L seem to be having fun themselves. Solid addition to the MORE Broadcasting Network / TMOS family, and worth an hour of your time each week. I do agree with other reviewers that the guests stink - EXCEPT for Lowell's sister, who is actually funnier than both M&L. Bring her back any time!

Two old friends having fun
Love listening to these guys. It reminds me of hanging with my old friends from the neighborhood. Sheck is comedy gold!

A go-to podcast
Big fan! For me, listening to the Marc and Lowell Show is like hanging out with my brothers or old high school buddies. Good memories, busting chops, and a good dose of tomfoolery make this a go-to podcast. Oh, and Lowell's sister sounds hot.

A bright light of funny in a sea of mediocrity
The Marc and Lowell show, as with most of the other shows on the MORE broadcasting network, is a beacon of funny in the big bowl of okay that is broadcasting these days. These two guys are so real with their stories, always bringing the laughs, and they help fill in a gaping hole in my 2 hour daily commute once a week. Marc and Lowell deep dive into subjects of their youth, like Dr. Sbaitso or Leisure Suit Larry, that really hit close to home for people of my generation that spent our formative years in the 80's, and they have great takes on how ridiculous things were back then. They always bring an eclectic set of subjects each week to mix it up too. This show has a lot of upward potential, especially now that the marshmallow vodka has been removed from the house (by the housekeeper?). Keep up the good work! Hopefully Lowell can parlay his success with this show into some sort of long term career in broadcasting, maybe on the television if he's lucky.

Really enjoyed the latest episode with Lowells sister Jamie, she is a natural, funny as hell, great timing and storytelling. Hope you have her back soon....Oh, the rest of the shows are pretty good too....

Best New Podcast, After Marc Got the Marshmallow Vodka Out of His System
As a fan of the Mike O'Meara Show and Big O & Dukes, I'll give any of the related podcasts a listen -- at first. Some work and some don't. As much as I wanted to like the Marc & Lowell Show (largely because I think Marc is underutilized on TMOS), the first two episodes had me worried. Yes, Marc and Lowell are good friends and have a good rapport, but that's not reason enough to make me tune in on a regular basis. But after Marc sobered up, the show really hit its stride and keeps getting better and better. One tip: Don't hype your stories or your guest stories as "we've got a great story -- you're going to love it." Just tell your stories, enjoy reliving them, and let us listen in. Sometimes the reactions and discussion are better than the stories themselves, and that's okay. Also, to keep all options open, consider changing the name of the show to "The Ronick and Melser Show." That way, Eric and Jamie can take one or both of your places as appropriate. Jamie is a fantastic guest who should be a regular - she's just naturally funny, has a great voice and laugh, and adds a lot to your show.

The sister is far more entertaining than Shackman!

"The", not "Thee"
The guys are funny and have some funny stories from sex camp. What really makes it fun to listen to is the fact that when he's not on TV, Lowell has no problems relaxing and letting his 3rd-grade sense of humor show through, all without worrying about trying to preserve a "newsguy" image (that was a compliment, by the way.) I love the toilet humor, and Lowell, please get around to telling the story that you told on 98 Rock about your soiled pants in the dumpster. It's also fun to hear how grumpy Lowell gets, and Marc likes to just egg him on. My only advice would be for Marc to stop emphasizing "Thee" when he mentions the show's name. Peee-a-weee.

Happy listener
Happy Passover to both of you! I love the chemistry. My best friend and I have our own lingo too!

I like the show, but….
I really like the show. I listen every week, but I'm developing a pet peeve. Every time Marc says "The Marc and Lowell Show", he says "THE Marc and Lowell Show." It sounds to me that he continues to put "emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble." Maybe it's just me?

Awesome guys/Awesome show
The show gets progressively better week to week as more layers are added. Marc and Lowell have a boyhood chemistry that you can tell is genuine. They love to bust each other's balls and the audience reap (a pee peep)s the benefits from that. Keep it up guys!

Good job
You guys are on your way up while TMOS is on their way down.

Marc and Lowell Show-The vitamin supplement to your entertainment needs
Are you sick of Ann Curry robbing you of your brain cells with her incompetence? Are you sick of your junk shrinking due to the cackling hens of the View? Subsctibe to the Marc and Lowell Show. You will laugh, You will cry, and you will drink marshmallow vodka. Another great addition to More Broadcasting. Essadee.

good show
You guys are great! Less shack would be good.What a loser.!

Dynamic duo & whatnut
Hilarious listening to the show & getting to relive vicariously through the guys stories that describe the good old days of teenage pranks & bath room humor that causes yuks carrying on to this day... Very entertaining progrum & it gets better with every episode. If you don't tune in then 'you a loser'.

These two are the beeeeeees kneeeeees! Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out! Funny and entertaining! Keep up the good work!

A great addition to MORE Broadcasting
Three weeks ago this would have been a 3-star review, but then something clicked for me, and now I'm all in. Twenty-five years of friendship that shines through, great stories and anecdotes, some subtle and not-so-subtle nods to the Mike O'Meara Show, and – most importantly – two guys who sincerely enjoy what they're doing. And best of all, just like the Keurig coffee maker, if the one you're listening to doesn't work, you get the next one free! Congratulations to Marc & Lowell on a great podcast that's on a strong upward curve.

Brings back memories...
The show keeps improving with every episode. I often listen to the show while taking breaks from studying or while working out and burst out laughing at the stories or Marc's comments about Lowell's "bad luck". While im fairly young (21) the show brings back many memories and is often about topics all guys can relate to. Keep up the good work guys!

Love MandL
These two appeal to my juvenile sense of humor, I love the show!I look forward to it every week, the hour flies by and I am sad when its over... Shack could dissear with out notice though, sorry dude..

chicken and waffles!
Listened to all the podcasts in the past couple of days, just like a good book, I couldnt put it down. Give us at least 2 per week to help get us by. Marc and Lowell go together just like chicken and waffles! Keep up the great work guys