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Great and Getting Better

First, bear this in mind: Shackman = bad. Keep him as far away from the show as humanly possible. Jamie and Jonah = VERY GOOD Really, with the exception of Shackman, I think the key is to have more than just Marc and Lowell on the show. That may sound like a dig on Marc and Lowell, but when it is a group all feeding off of each other, it is a funnier show. When it's just two guys talking to each other, it isn't as funny. Look at it this way -- Don and Mike were never just "Don and Mike", they always had other voices, whether it be Buzz, Robb, Sherry, etc., to add to the day. In the end, Don and Mike were a great pair (just like Marc and Lowell), but they were made greater by the group atmosphere. That's one of the reasons TMOS is so amazingly great -- Mike O'Meara is the show, but the show isn't just Mike. Keep it up; it is great to hear from the two of you, and I hope to hear lots more for years to come!

I'll have..... more Marc and Lowell

I've just finished listening to the 20th episode. Definitely a show I look forward to each and every week. I hate to pile on, but I have to agree with the other reviews that note the show picked up after Shackman was no longer guesting on the show. I'm sure he's a great guy (or not according to Lowell) but he's an awful story teller/broadcaster. The other guests have been better Jonah is a funny guy and I'm obliged to say that Jamie was AMAZING on the show. I have to explain the four star rating. I love the show, but I have to say there is still room for the show to improve. They've done just twenty shows and in that time have grown leaps and bounds. I feel they are still in the midst of really finding their true niche. Plus, I wanted to tweak Lowell a little. If you were a high school dork during the 80's and 90's this show will bring some great childhood memories. Plus you'll find some interesting new vocabulary. Pe-ooh-eee!

Much better!

Not great to begin with, but MUCH BETTER NOW!! Two hot Jews talking. Wee pee pee pee, wah pah pah pah...pee oooh eeee. Love to Marc and Lowell. xoxox

Funny show since Marc put down the bottle

I didn't go to college with broadcasters, so they don't remind me of college guys, as mentioned in many reviews. The show has become a staple in my podcast diet. I do wish they would do more than one a week, but I get that they are too lazy, I mean busy. I kid, because I love Marc and Lowell.

The collest dorks ever!!!

Its a dry humor that gets wet. I like how you don't have to be from the DMV to get the humor. Reminds me of myself and one of my dorkball friends. Give it a chance

Much improved

The Marc and Lowell Podcast has improved steadily since the first few episodes. It's worth twice the price they charge!

Choose the Jews!

In support of these 2 professional broadcasters (well, 1 1/2), I don't listen to Marc and Lowell from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Sabbath keepers unite!

Podcast lover

Top notch shows on MORE! Be selective when adding new content, but so far they are all winners!

Getting there

I have been listening since day one, it was beginning to be a chore to listen around #5but as soon as you drop shack it was a marced (see what i did there) improvement. The other guests are great it seems like shack over thinks being on and makes me cringe. Keep it up boys I am all in. Reeeepeeepeee whapapapa and pea a weee

Better and better.... BUT

Great job guys.... Better every time... But Marc's disparaging remarks about Beerfest..... HOW DARE YOU SIR! Keep on keeping on....

Great for Alzheimer Patients!

If you listen to the Mike O'Meara show, but immediately forget every single thing Marc talks about there, this is the podcast for you. It's great! He'll repeat every story he tells, word for word. Perfect for anyone suffering from a whole host of mental ailments, especially Alzheimer's!


I was a huge Sierra junkie with Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Hero's Quest. You guys really brought back great memorie of why I was so overweight and pastey in my youth.


Just can't get enough. Who knew, two Jews would make me laugh so much. Bring on sister Jamie anytime. Haha, sick of hearing about Jamie. She's a great correspondent. This is one listener that will keep on listening. Thanks for the funny.

"Bo-Reee-Bee-Bee-Bee!"(Sbaitso style)

If I could give you 700 stars, I would! You guys take me back to a happy time and place...where Atari and the A-Team ruled! You have a way of making the listeners feel like we were there with you: rat-tailing the crap outta Marc's butt, etc. Keep it up

Superb show !!

Finally, someone who can keep up with the quick witted Robb Spewak: Jamie Melzer. Would love to hear them behind the mics together. Along with Hollywood celebs, I would like Lowell to line up Baltimore personalities. Keep the call-ins coming. Love them. Can't wait for the Holiday show!!

Faa Knee

Marc and Lowell give me a good laugh every show. Thanks for the entertaiment boys!

This show is awesome, but...

Marc & Lowell are clever and sort of funny, like most Ashkenazi Jews, but I'd appreciate a little better production value. Where are the characters? I know you two have it in you. A dollop more confidence can only improve the show.

Marc and Lowell FTW!

I have told all of my friends about this amazing new show! They guys have hit their stride and I am loving the ride!

Love it

Any born between 1970 and 1980 will listen, laugh, love, and consider selling a major organ in order to go to their next camp reunion.

great show

These guys have great chemistry, and listening to them feels like hanging out with old friends from high school/college. Also the end of the law and order theme song sounds like "pee wee peeoo-weee"

Marc is not a broadcaster.....

and Lowell has a face for television but a voice for books, and not the audio kind. True, their siblings are more talented and better looking, but they won't hang out with you and these guys will. These are the guys you thought were dorks in high school but it turns out in your late thirties and early forties that they have better lives and a better friendship than you will ever have. There is a certain well rounded nature to the kind of comedy that develops over a quarter century of friendship, it's almost a universe unto itself and this podcast is very adept at bringing the listener into that world and making them feel like they've been a part of it all along. If you like podcasts for the personalities of the podcasters, glimpses into real life, the witty observations about the world around us, and a certain dorky ball busting then this is a podcast you will like. These dorks are real, yo and not frontin'! Anyone can get into this podcast. Keep it up fellas.


Love the show, Marc and Lowell have a great chemistry and talk about all the things I loved as a kid. Great with the guests and without, a must listen for everyone! Love the clips of the adds and Bert and Ernie. Now I need a snack... How bout a wagon wheel....

Real and fun

These guys are down to earth, silly, and just the guys next door. Fun show. Check it out!

Fan Damntastic

Grew up in the Annapolis area, I feel like I am listening to stories about my childhood friends and I. I could listen to you guys every day! Keep up the good work. Ree tee tee tee....Love from Lewes, DE.

Started rough, but they've turned the corner

First few episodes were tough, but after about 8 they are very entertaining. Great chemistry, good use of sound effects, good use of listener stories. It's awesome to hear about Baltimore nightlife. Pee-oo-weeee! Rah-pah-pah-pah!

Wa pa pa pa

It may sound like a negative title but it's for me because I'm addicted to the show. I am currently listening to all of the episodes again. I literally can't pull myself away from my iPhone when you guys are playing. Please keep this going, I love the show.

A Winner

Just a good time.

Great Show

Like god wine this podcast just gets better with age. Don't let Shack leave uncorked too long or end up with vinegar.

Gotta keep the guys in the top 200

Looking forward to tonight's show

So far so good boys..

Just remember to keep it in the pants.