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Inside joke for everyone

Marc and Lowell bring good times with them. Having a strong friendship allows them to revel in the absurd with a conspirital wink, that removes any sting. The audience is welcomed into their arms and included as if we met them back in camp years ago. Which after listening to a few shows you'll feel like you have. Thanks for the laughs.

Great show

Kind of..... No just kidding about 60% as good as TMOS and that's good enough for five stars.

A show without Robb, is a show for me!

Theee Marc and Lowell Show 2 average guys reminiscing about the past and about every day crap, which just makes you laugh. The best feature is that it is Robb free. :-) I will even listen to Miley Cirus instead of another 1930’s record bumper coming in and out of break. (Well there is a limit to that too, don’t push it fellas). Keep making the funny and we will keep listening. I hate sweet potatoe fries, I'am with Marc on this. Lowell let’s get some pictures of your sister up on the website, uh? Now that we know that Marc was close to her in the past?! Pee-o-eeee Regards Jose

Great Show!

These guys are getting better and better. The kinks are worked out and show really flows now, usually. I even like the snafus .

Good show

How many times will Lowell say ridic in the next episode.

Really enjoy this podcast - and the Baltimoron slant on life!

I'm probably much older than their demographic since oldies to me are 60s and 70s music. But I have listened from the beginning and enjoy their shows a lot...They have rapport of their long-time friendship but not so much that you feel totally outside the secret club if you don't know what their references are to. I enjoy the INTO and FEEDBACK sessions which helps balance out their review-of-the-week-in-MANDL-life....Only 4 stars as I think there's a way to do the flatulence and other guy stuff without the excess it sometimes gets into...But I'll still be listening. (And will even if Jamie can't deliver a star...! Such pressure for her.)


I'm around the same age as these 2. Memories of some great things fom my childhood. The only thing I don't like are the ree pee pee bee etc sound affects. It gives me headaches. But that's just my opinion and I love the rest of th show. Btw Jaime is a tease. Still no celebrity guest? Tony in MD

Two funny friends bringing top-notch entertainment to lucky listeners.

The Marc & Lowell Show keeps getting better and better! Thanks, guys! I look forward to hearing your show and the stories you tell. This is definitely a five-star show!

MandL Baby!

Love the show! I try to catch each show. But I missed a few episodes so I went back and started from Ep. 1. I feel like I found an awesome band that not many know about. Then the band makes it big and I can say I was there from the beginning! Marc & Lowell crack me up. I find myself laughing out loud, which can be a little embarrassing when in public places like at the store, the office, taking the kid to karate. But I can't help it! Now I'm looking for an opportunity to do a public "Peeowee" somewhere and see who else is listening. Keep your ears open friends! Peeowee. Rap-pa-pa-pa, Ree-pe-pe-pe, Ro-po-po-po Trista H. - Carmichael, CA

Awesome - great show!

Every ep gets better and better. Hilarious! Like listening to old friends catching up and weighing in on life. TMOS is the best podcast available, and M&L is a worthy addition to the stable. Long live Mr. Spaitso, and keep the mash-up mixes coming, they never cease to crack me up.

It's THEE Marc and Lowell Show

Maybe it's because I missed the infamous "marshmallow vodka" episode, but I have loved this podcast since its inception. Their show sounds a lot like conversations my sisters and I have and now, my hubby is a fan because he too was a video gaming fool in his adolescence and loves reminiscing about those games. I'll never quit you.

By Far The Best

June 15th was perfection! 5 minutes of Lowell and no Marc. You say Fail... I say Flawless! All kidding aside this is a VERY close second, only to TMOS, as the best podcast out there. Only wish you guys had time to do more than one show a week. I guess I will get my fill during the 27 hour holiday show. Peeeooooweee... Wapapapa.... Essadee

More Marc and Lowell, please!

Another gem from MORE Broadcasting. I've loved The Marc and Lowell Show since the beginning. My only complaint is that we only get an hour of M & L each week. I would love to see them add a second hour. Consistently entertaining and engaging. Keep up the GREAT work.

Great Show!

When I first started listening to The Marc and Lowell Show, I was skeptical. Now I am hooked. Just like TMOS, I look forward to listening to TMLS every week. They keep me sane at work and make my long boring day better and go just a little quicker. Love you guys! Excited to see what is to come!

Lowell's Grandmother Best Guest Ever

Loved Lowell's grandmother episode, she reminded me of growing up in suburban Michigan and all of the lovely jewish women. Thanks for the fun and I am very happy to have another good Podcast to look forward too each week. Keep it up!

From Mediocre to Marvelous!

I'm a M&L listener from the "alcohol" induced beginnings of this MORE broadcasting show. It is quite impressive where this show has gone from its original format. I think you captured the old feeling when, "you know that your friend knows that your lying again" (which is a good thing) I think you guys are awesome! Keep up the great podcasting! Ra pa pa, Beep beep, peo-wee, etc.

Straight up fly!

These guys are not just riding the coat-tails of TMOS. They are unique and quite entertaining. It takes me back to my childhood friendships. Well done boys. Good work to be keeping!

Double Dribble Indeed

I now believe I am a long lost friend of Marc and Lowell. After listening to the Double Dribble Bet story, I feel like I am catching up with old friends from my childhood. My meter is pegged waiting for the next episode, Peowee Marc, I probably would have lost that bet also......

All in!

I first started listening to Marc and Lowell's later shows, and found since I loved those so much, I decided to go back to Episode #1 and listen to all the earlier episodes in order. I am hooked and all in. So much so, that after hearing the genesis of "Pee ooo eee", I was determined to find the original sound effect that they hilariously imitate. Their imitation far surpasses the original! Guys, you tell stories well .. and you make the listener feel as though we're a part of your past. Rock On, and thank you for using AT&T.

mmmmm jewy

if your like me and can't get through an entire episode of tech 411 without the sexual tension making it HARD to stick with, put on some Marc and Lowell. they'll make sure it doesn't move! great show, can't wait for the 5 hour holiday episode! pee oo wee!


Enjoyed the show...


Too funny, you'all are awsome. WEEPPEE WAAAAPPAPA ! Keep them coming. P.S. Please no Shackman AKA Dennis Murphy.

The Hebrew Hammers!

Great show guys, keep up the good work!

Women also LOVE Marc & Lowell…

Two handsome Hebrews who crack wise, laugh at themselves, rip on each other & bring us, laughing all the way, into their past and present through humorous stories- what's not to love. It is like hanging out with my hubby & my guys friends …anything goes! Lowell should make the trip out to NorCal in October too... <3 you guys and look forward to the show each week <3

Love MarLow

Solid show with great content - love all things camp, Lowell's first world problems, Marc's compassion and the relationship a lifetime has created. One of my favorites for sure.

Great show!

The Marc and Lowell show has turned the corner and is a nice podcast to complement TMOS. Just please just no more poor quality phone interviews with Shackman. He isn't interesting enough to suffer through the audio quality...

Smoke! Smoke!

This is a fun podcast. I'm only sorry to hear that Marc & Lowell are losing Buzz. Oh well, that leaves more time for the shackman. Seriously, this is a fun show. And the occasional visit from Lowell's sister, Jamie, is awesome.

Such good boys

Just like a gallon jug of Manischewitz, these boys are good to the last drop, unless Marc is drinking it!!! Though I am a little younger than the guys, I enjoy the childhood stories especially the old video game sound effects. Now I have a new habit, inserting pee ooo eee and all the versions of ree pee pee into songs. Keep on keeping on fellas!!! Todd Eardman Rochester NY

Great show

Keep up the great banter and schtick. I look forward to this show and the other MORE shows each week. Peeee oweeee eeeee. And EssaDee.

Hi Marc & Lowell

I love your show . Theater of the mind.