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I really enjoy listing to you guys. Excellent chemistry between you, great stories and excellent content. Keep up the good and hard work. Peeeoooooooeeeeee :-)

Great podcast..
Lately there's been at least 7 mins of funny, that's 60 secs more than guaranteed! It's the worst podcast out there. No really it is....:)

It's been three weeks and I'm in serious withdrawl
I love the Mark And Lowell show. I know things have been busy with the Hurricane and the Reno show, but I vow to wear goggles until the next podcast is posted. Jeff Hancock posting on his wife's iTunes account peeowee.

Two grown Jews that can't get enough of each other!
40 Strong baby. I've never missed an episode and much like TMOS, they just keep getting funnier. When I listen to them I feel like I do when I'm BS-ing with my buddies. Keep up the great work, Pee-ooo-Wee, Bree-bee-bee-bee, and thank you for using AT&T!

Made it and at the top of their game!
Marc and Lowell are no longer the friends that are getting better every week, they are powerhouse podcasters that vaulted themselves into the a top tier comedy must hear podcast! I can't wait for their podcast to hit the stream! My meter is pegged and I am laughing constantly as they make their way through topics such as old school video games to current pop culture phenomena. This show is more addicting than Psy going Gangam Style while eating Pop Chips and smoother than Grandma Melser eating salmon at the Lonhorn! Keep bringing the funny and I will keep downloading and spreading the word! The obvious choice for your listening pleasure, way above the same old drek.

They're simply the best!!!
Their innovative approach to podcasting keeps me coming back for more. Listening to them is like that first breath of fresh air you get when coming out of a Turkish bath. Keep rocking' it Boyz!!!!

The best on MORE network
This show is the funniest on MORE. It has surpass TMOS. Please stay away from politics and just be funny.

great show
you guys make my nights driving around town(bowie) great

Great job MandL
I just live this show. It is a great spin off of The Mike O'mera show. Just some great long time friendships that they seem to bring back to a almost description and you would feel that your right there with them. I was never able to create friendships like that with my dad being in the military, but I'm sure glad that I can feel like I'm one of the gang when they tell their stories.

Like a fungus, it grew on me!
And I say that lovingly! I enjoy MANDL each week, although it took me several weeks to get into it, to be able to distinguish between Marc and Lowell's voices, to piece together things like sex camp, pee-ooo-wee, and wah-bah-bah-bah since I didn't start listening from the beginning. I "get it" all now and am entertained week after week!

This is THE greatest podacast on THE internet. Listen to THE MANDL Show. Just relistened to all of THE episodes again and THE stories get funnier. Good luck to you both. P.S. I'm not mocking Marc when I say THE... it's just I feel it is my duty to put THE in all CAPS

The hits keep on coming
just caught up on several shows and glad to report I didn't miss any of Lowell's whining!! Awesome show guys, keep the funny rolling!! Gotta go the Meter is pegged!!

Funnier every week
Marc, Eric's story last week about how you woke him up totally cracked me up! You guys are awesome! I love your show!

Lots of fun!!
As someone who never went to camp as a kid, I love to hear all the camp stories. It's like a Jewish Meatballs! Keep up the great work!

Better and Better
Every episode gets better and funnier!

Horse-ride for the holiday special!
Since you've mentioned it, how 'bout doing Psy's Gangnam style horse ride. Lol. And as always, keep up the good work, keep the show rollin'.

Like it in the Ozarks
DC transplant really enjoys the show! Might be the only one in Springfield MO but keep up the good work! And no, I don't have a pretty mouth.

Another fine job!
Great show guys... Although I am really starting to wonder what happened in the early days that would explain why your so focused on the Hersey highway.

Exxxxxcellllent Show!
It the great words of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures that you and Lowell take us on. I laugh so loud at work that others are giving me the look wondering what this guy is laughing at. So I shared the podcast with them and I think I have got a few hooked. Keep up the excellent work guys. You even had me turning red listening to your camp adventure with your friend and his (Interesting campers) that go every year to enjoy their extra curricular activities in the woods. All I can say is wow not a camping trip I want to be on. But you still got a laugh from me.

Well. No longer small pods. Mike is mr white. You are Jesse. Keep on Giving a great podcast

Love this show!
You guys are great! I've listened to TMOS for years. I love this spin off show. I cant wait for the show every week. My Friday mornings start with Marc & Lowell, then TMOS and the bonus show. Great way to start my weekend. I no longer listen to traditional radio. Keep up the great work! Mike should be very proud of you two.....

Great show guys
Great show. Makes you feel like you're old middle school and high school buddies with them. Peeohee. Love this show and it is on my MUST listen to weekly podcasts along with the Mike Omeara show and Big O and Dukes. My only issue with the show, and I know it may be me being picky. But I want to tear my ears out everytime I hear Marc say "THE Marc and Lowell show." the strong accent on THE makes me want to kick a nearby kitten, or slap a newborn puppy. I love you guys , but seriously my ears are bleeding from the accented THE. I keep trying to dig the sound out of my ear canal. In all seriousness I love this show and it is honestly a must listen. I am actually looking forward to their "bonus content" when they charge for the show. They deserve to get paid from this show.

Ohhhhh noooooo!!!
What am I going to do, waa paa paa paa! (insert violins) I started listening to you guys only 3 weeks ago because I was going on a long car ride...needless to say the trip was over before I knew it, I was laughing out loud, and I'm HOOKED! I have caught up on EVERY, yes every, podcast which means I listened to one a day! So the oh nooooo is what am I going to do without my daily dose of you two!! Keep up the great work! Love you both! Btw....addicted to krave cereal now, Marc you must try it WITH milk!

Absolutely 5 stars!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would :)
I have liked the Marc and Lowell show from day one. You remind me of the days when my best friend for life and I would goof off together. Every time I listen... we will just say my comedy meter is pegged. I wish you would post more than once a week, I find myself missing you while listening to my daily TMOS. Love you guys, keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing at least half of you at Quench! I will be trying my first marshmallow vodka... Lowell, not so interested in your drink... but you seem like a nice guy anyway.

I told you this was a bad idea....TO NOT LISTEN!!
I look forward to Marc and Lowell as much as I do TMOS…These guys are funny as hell, and they keep changing it up with new stuff. The ‘Camp Reunion/Fried Board’ episode was great. Keep it up guys, I can’t wait for more..And Lowell, CHEER UP!!

Like a wine it gets better with time
I am long time Don and Mike fan and have been following the comedy of TMOS. MandL is a good spin off like the Jeffersons was from All in the Family. Keep up the good work!

Great show and getting stronger
I am an avid podcast listener. I constantly am trying to find new shows, however there is so much out there that just doesn't catch my interest due to too much bickering or horrible radio voice and I am glad to say I found out about this show through tmos as many other listeners probably have as well. I started listening to every show From the beginning and my love for this show has grown immensely. To all the haters out there, have you really given it a chance and listened to more than a couple episodes? Marc ronic, you are hysterical and contrary to what others may say you have a great voice, and melser makes a great partner for you. I am so glad I stumbled on your guys show. Five stars keep up the great work.- Chris B.

Looking forward to it more and more...
Easy listening, good chemistry and the funny keeps increasing. But please, please, keep Shackman away from Mandel! I'd much rather hear more Siri, Reepeeeepeee!

Haven't missed one!
Very cool to hear two guys relate to each other as only lifelong friends can. Very entertaining listening. A real guys show!

Great job girls
This show would be 5 stars if they could find some men to cohost w these 2 ladies