The Marc and Lowell Show

Great show guys

Great show. Makes you feel like you're old middle school and high school buddies with them. Peeohee. Love this show and it is on my MUST listen to weekly podcasts along with the Mike Omeara show and Big O and Dukes. My only issue with the show, and I know it may be me being picky. But I want to tear my ears out everytime I hear Marc say "THE Marc and Lowell show." the strong accent on THE makes me want to kick a nearby kitten, or slap a newborn puppy. I love you guys , but seriously my ears are bleeding from the accented THE. I keep trying to dig the sound out of my ear canal.

In all seriousness I love this show and it is honestly a must listen. I am actually looking forward to their "bonus content" when they charge for the show. They deserve to get paid from this show.

Aug. 30, 2012 by "Boy" on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show

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