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This podcast is great!

Whenever there is a new episode I can’t wait to listen!

The brothers I never had!

After many many years of listening and laughing, I finally realized why o enjoy the real life stories of this group of lifelong friends! They give me the feelz as if they are little brothers to me and I have insight into what it was like growing up for them. Their sense of humor and take on everyday topics, not to mention some always welcome potty humor and their inside jokes keep me giggling. Some of their catch phrases are even daily descriptors in my own household. 😜🤪😝

So much fun to listen!

I’ve been listening for now almost 9 years. I happened to stumble upon this podcast when there were only a handful of podcasts. This fun group captivated me from the start! Old friends, busting balls and having a lot of laughs at their own expense! All of them have a great sense of humor, are intelligent and have unique take on life. This podcast makes me feel like a 10 year old hanging out with teenage boys. Naughty but nice! Do yourself a favor and give this pod a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Getting gray

Enjoyable discussion about the arrival of gray hair.


Great return!.. looking forward to more of the cast too!


Great show would love 45min per show.the power of more .can't live without this show

Consistently Great and Relatable

Marc and Lowell are BACK with their show show that is "slice of life" funny and relatable to just about everyone. Funny, poignant, and on topic the sounds as fresh as it did before they took a break a while back. Great to hear new episodes again! ABQ Dan

The Boys are Back in Town

Some of the best podcasts I listen to are people who’ve been friends, work buddies or old school friends from years past. I get the same fun and entertaining vibe from MANDL show. Goofing on each other, making clear sometimes how unique and different each person’s personality or life style is. That being said, you all love each other and embrace each other as great friends. I like that you can disagree, get mad at each other but work through the issues as the living and great friends that you are. Every person feels empowered to “air” their issues with one another but it always ends up great. Thanks for the entertainment and joy you bring to all of us listening. ❤️ You all!

Very funny

I really enjoyed it. It’s like listening to hanging out with your friends from high school. Really funny.

Is THE Marc & Lowell show the best podcast?

In an endless sea of podcasts, some as big as the ocean itself, there's an oasis floating within called the Marc & Lowell show. Is it important to the state of the world? Probably not. Will it change your life? Maybe, but what it WILL do is provide entertainment. You figure old guys who have known each other as long as dirt has been in existence might have some things to say, but funny? Hold onto whatever apparel you have on your head, because THAT is the point. Mix pop culture, the mundane, and camp stories and you have Marc & Lowell.

PEE to the WEE

I totally wish I went to camp with you guys!!!

Better Than Ever

I've been listening since marshmellow vodka, but the renewed effort by Team MANDL the last few months has made for some great shows. New baby, new job, new producer, erm... new new producer, new cereals, new fweeps. Old friends. Marc & Lowell are the cornerpieces but Lisa and Jonah are great foils to their riduclounesss. And both bring plenty of ridiculous of their own. If you haven't listened in a while, download a new episode. If you haven't listened at all, try it out. Original review - Jul 27, 2012: The first celebrity interview show begins with the appealing Rashida Jones and ends with the repulsive Lowell squirts. Yeah... That sounds about right for the boys. Great stuff!

Always a great listen!

I first listened to these guys back in D.C. when they used to assist on a national radio show, and even in those early days they had a fun on air presence. When they got their own venue to broadcast their own thoughts and ideas it just got better from there. Often the best material comes from a couple of folks who've known each other most of their lives, pulling ideas from their memories and making entertainment out of it. Like most radio talk shows or podcasts, there's in jokes and references you might not get at first, but if you give it time, you'll be fully onboard with the fun, and it just gets better from there!


You know when you get together with friends and just.. talk? It can be heartbreaking, it can be hilarious, but it's always a great time? That's Marc & Lowell. That may be the name of the show, but there's a large cast of characters (of which Marc is indeed one) who have all been friends for many, many years. Now you can be one, too!

This show cracks me up

I've been listening to Marc and Lowell since the early marshmallow vodka days (go back and listen to the first couple of episodes!) and every show is like hanging out with a group of very funny friends. I always look forward to hearing what happens every show!

Lots of fun

Like catching up with old friends every week.

2019 : M and L gets better!

Just as Friends evolved over the years, THE Marc and Lowell Show has improved in content and presentation. Marc, Lowell, Lisa and new Dad Jonah have really upp -ed their game with a new producer who has made the audio clearer, the edits cleaner that allows the cast to focus on their real-life content. Come along for some good laughs, fun stories and affirmation that life is a circus - this show will make your day!

It's like a playlist on shuffle

The Marc & Lowell show is like a playlist on never know what will be next. Conversations range from childhood in the 80's, adulting in 2019, parenting, work, life, and topics of pop culture interests. A fun time will be had with Marc & Lowell and the rest of the gang each week.

Guaranteed LOLs

I've been listening to Marc and Lowell for years now, and they never fail to make me laugh; when I'm feeling down I will listen to episode after episode because I know I'll be chortling, guffawing, chuckling, and giggling. The cast of regulars feel like old friends to me (Lisa, Jonah, Seth, Danny, Amy) and I just LOVE this show! And having met them in person, it is a bonus to say that they are JUST as funny and genuine in-person as they are on the "air." LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Great content!

I’ve listened to this show since their early days, and it has continued to gel and get better over the years. Love the rotating cast of characters (friends) that drops in, each adding their own stories and personalities. Also a good mix of nostalgia (80s!!) as well as modern things like sports and technology. It’s always fun to see what these guys are into...keep up the good work guys! Now can you get outta here? 😜😜

My podcast "friends"!

Fun and friendly conversations -- I enjoy listening to Marc, Lowell, and friends talk about their lives and also bust some balls.

great show


Laughing with friends

The Marc and Lowell show is my favorite podcast. When driving to work or decompressing on the way back home, no podcast makes me laugh and let go like this one. Listening feels like hanging out with old friends, hearing their funny stories, and getting on the inside of jokes. These are two great guys, an extended crew of co-stars, and just a well-made podcast all coming together for a good time of quality listening laughing pleasures.

Not a fan again

I took a hiatus from listening but am back to really liking the show. The addition of more voices and less camp talk has made it a favorite again. Keep it up guys and Lisa!


Im not a fan, The best in podcasts, and entertainment. Thanks for all you did in 2015, boys! Looking forward to seeing where you go in 2016

A Must Listen

Forget about Adam Carolla with the same old stories....Marc and Lowell is where it's at. They tell real life stories in a way that is vey relatable to my life. They have a cast of characters that visit the show that are too funny! First you have Lisa Onion who is secretly trying to hook up with Marc and then there is R Jay Diaz who is just a ladies man...If you want stories from camp just hang on for Jona Burger and once the pot haze clears here comes buzzed Burbank! What a show already and then there is the man who tickles the keys....Dan Birkstock! Pick a song and Dan can play it! Make way for the hot piece JamieMelzer(pregnant)...5 Stars!

No 1 baby!

Been a loyal listener since the beginning. Like most podcast listeners, I subscribe to several podcasts. I must say, when I see a new MandL show has been uploaded its a great feeling. You know how you save the favorite podcast for the "right" drive? I find myself usually waiting to play it for my Friday drive home, so I can listen in sheer bliss during my Dallas freeway traffic jam. Keep up the great work!

It's Double Meat Funny

January 14, 2015 New Year, New Review! Great show! Gre-a-a-a-t! I would write a longer review, but Lowell gets bored reading them if we talk about the rest of the cast. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh! September 11, 2014 Marc and Lowell are still two of the most entertaining guys in radio[-like podcasting]. From Double Meat to Diapered Houses to Dr Dope, the show is consistently laugh-out-loud funny, and the addition of long-time friends as featured guests like Lisa, Seth, the leader of the Jonah Parade himself, Jonha Berger, and Marc's brother Eric ["Hi I'm Eric Ronick from Black Gold."] the doors to the funny story vault has been thrown wide! Although there is the occasional "heavy lifting" required for guests like Schackman, but those moments just highlight how professional the hosts are. this podcast is a keeper. Still want to hear the Delta Beta Story and about Sprite No Ice, though. Good news is that AJ Clemente is down 6k followers, to just 10k now. April 24, 2013 'MHello Boys! Remember me, Lowell?! i've posted on Facebook before! funnier than ever, and touching; having learned that they were secret teenage lovers from Marc's card to Lowell, i can hardly wait to hear the Delta Beta story that they will never ever tell. and AJ Clemente has over 16,000 Twitter followers now. Feb 18, 2012 Miss Lady is a dick. Mr Jiffy Lube is a waffle hog. "retro" commercials for young people. Don Lapre and Tom Vu too. such nice boys, and funny too.

Great show!

Such great chemistry between these two. An episode with what is great about this show, slice of life, ball-busting and pop culture.


Perfect way to start your day. Love It!!

Consistently Great and Relatable

As a MandL P1, I will admit I am biased but also as a long time listener to D and M and TMOS, I think I know a good quality show when I hear it. Marc, Lowell and their cast of friends and family have created a show that is "slice of life" funny and relatable to just about everyone. No longer is it about retro sound clips and infomercial bashing (although I'd LOVE more of those), the show has evolved into commentary about life, not just about life as it was "back in the day." Funny, poignant, and on topic with today, M and L care about the quality of show they produce, both in content and audio. These guys know how to entertain and have turned their show into a great business, showcasing other talented podcasters through their RELM Network partnership with the legendary Buzz Burbank. Keep it up, boys. You're doing it right!! ABQ Dan

This is a show about absolutely nothing.

I've been listening since the beginning and the show has really evolved into a revolving, ensemble cast of characters. It's friendly, nostalgic silliness. If you're a child of the 80's or acted like a child during the 80's, you'll appreciate their humor. If you're even younger than that, they'll send you scrambling to Youtube and Wikipedia.

Still Loving You Guys!

Marc & Lowell are great! I've loved every episode!

Favorite podcast - like hanging out with friends

There's something very unique about this podcast, in a good way. When you listen you feel like you are hanging out with good friends who have a great sense of humor. Even if I'm stressed out when I start listening, I'm always in a much better mood when it's done. Great show, boys.

Jewish Beavis and Butthead

Very funny show. Love all the friends that come along for the ride too. Lowell brings his broadcasting talents and Marc well..... ummmmmm he's good too. haha I look forward to every show. Keep up with the skirt maintenance! Peeeeooooweeeeee

Marc & Lowell's Excellant Adventure

Have been a loyal listener to Marc since TMOS and this week in O'Mearamerica and know enjoying listening to all the weekly events with "TV Weatherman personility" Lowell Melser. The Show gets better with each episode and is great entertainment as Marc and Lowell invite us listeners to partake of thier friendship growing up together and all the excellant adventures with family, friends, and day to day encounters. Thanks Guys!


installment #136 you guys play a segment of Jim Gaffigan's standup routine, the one about Cinnabon. Have you heard Louis CK's routine on Cinnabon? Just wondering if anyone ever suggested one of the two stole the material.

Still Awesome

I look forward to M and L every week. It’s a great show that will put a smile on your face. It’s like hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. Keep up the good work Marc, Lowell, and RELM. Trey, Wilmington, NC

Two funny guys

You may need a few footnotes/endnotes at first, but once you catch up to the backstories behind some of their expressions, you should be able to find them hilarious. It's observational humor that's never political or mean-spirited. Just as Bing Crosby made singing like Bing Crosby seem easy, Marc and Lowell sound like two guys just sitting around shooting the breeze, yet produce consistently entertaining shows.

Great show!

I really enjoy the genuineness of the show! Big fan!

Pro Toe Jays

An evaluation from of comedy by two best friends. They talk about everything from good ole times to daily happen stance. Give it some time and you quickly learn all their catch phrases.

Keeps me laughing

Love listening to these two-loved Marc from day one on the other show and have grown to like Lowell even though he whines sometimes. Love all the family stories-girlfriend, wife, daughter, sister, new baby-your stories just make me smile and laugh.

More Fun Than UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightBASelectStart

The flagship podcast of the fast-growing hot-talk RELM network, life-long friends Marc and Lowell bring their years of DC/Baltimore business and television experience to a rich world of Gen-X sensibility and playfulness, featuring fellow RELM podcasters like legendary broadcasters Buzz Burbank and Kirk McEwen, comedian Mariya Alexander, and now the great Don Geronimo! .

They have their moments

That's educainment!

Marc and Lowell cured my hemorrhoids.

That just about says it all.

Marc and Lowell...You Rock!

Have listened since the first episode and will continue just to listen in on two long time friends chatting about humorus views of their lives today while also discussing cool things from 20K, the 1990's, and the 1980's. Also enjoy listening to a podcast with no discussions on politics.

What a pooper duper show!

From day one I've been a loyal listener. From bathroom to bathroom, these lads never cease to thrill. Lots of friends along the way that have all added much to the broadcast (well, except that B.S. fella). Honestly a great podcast. Quality humor at each other's expense can only be as true as this when you grow up together. Lots of laughs on this end and the premium shows don't disappoint. Do yourself a favor and dig in to a bowl of meter-pegging calamari bung! Bring back teen-toe! Love you guys! Steve

Turn Down the Amplifier

Marc and Lowell are awesome it is great to listen to them a few times a week. Throw Jonah into the mix and you have a party. MLJ knows how to entertain. I can not write a more glowing review!!!!!!!!!!! Listen Now!!!!!!!!!!

Just Hilarious!

These guys are awesome. I rarely laugh out loud at podcasts, but I seem to do it at least once every episode with these two. Some of the funniest parts are when Lowell complains about restaurants because I think we have all been there at some point. What else is great about this podcast you say? Well, Marc is funny as well, and the smattering of guest appearances round it all out. Do not skip on these two. Keep it up guys!

Like coming home

Listening to these guys chit chat is like having two friends sitting in your living room for coffee. Love the relaxed format and the lifelong familiarity.

No reason.

Why do I love Marc and Lowell? I just love listening to these long-time friends talk, often taking me on a walk down memory lane with them. More importantly, there's no politics and plenty of fart jokes. Peeoooeeee!

Episode 95 killed!

The show has seen an increase in energy lately and the episode with Justin was the best yet. Keep it up, fellas!

New listener

Heard Lowell on 98Rock- "pop off yo pop off" could easily replace Spiegel! I heard about the show and finally checked it out after Marc was on the Kirk and Al show! You guys are awesome

Wow !! Getting Better Every Show !!!

Just Listened to Por PreeMium Show#13 .. Best Show by far. They make you feel like one of the guys.Your Camp stories are gold. Keep up the good work Relm network.

THE Marc and Lowell Show

I really enjoy THE show! I'll go out on a limb and say that I enjoy it even more than THE previous show Marc was on. I listen in THE car, THE shower, even making a poopie on THE toilet. There's only one thing I don't like about THE show. It makes me want to stab myself in THE eyes with a pair of rusty scissors!


Marc and Lowell are adorable dorks. I am hooked and all in. I enjoy the Por-Pree shows too. I can't get enough of these two. Keep it up boys.

Definitely not a fan.

I've been listening since show one and find myself looking forward to every show when it pops up on my iPod. The banter the MandL have reminds me of the times I would be hanging out with my friends back in high school and college just hanging out and having a cup of coffee or tea. Keep up the good content and Pee o Eee.

No more alitanement (sp)

Please stop with the alitanement. Originally you said it was supposed to be a quick update but now it is taking up half a show. I love all of the other content, and have been listening since the beginning.

Great show, minor quibbles

Been listening since the fateful first few vodka-laden episodes, and have enjoyed it greatly ever since. Lots of fun stories and neither Marc nor Lowell take things too seriously. Always a down to earth, enjoyable program. My main issue is that all the stories that we have heard of since the earliest episodes are now only revealed on the pay episodes. Now while I don't mind premium content, I feel this is a cheap ploy to get people to buy the premium show. Also, for the love of god, fix the intro. The double Lowell Melser sounds amateur and just plain bad.

Por Pree-mium needs to change

I love this show so I don't want to take any stars away, but the Por Pree-mium shows are not working. They feel like the Buzz Burbank Knows-it-All Hour. We don't need a Dear Buzz column when we come for MandL. Also, the constant pushing to support the show financially is a little heavy handed.

The podcast that puts a smile on my face!

With each episode, the show gets better and better. It truly is like listening to two of your old friends talking about their day, and it's just so enjoyable. I predict great success for them!!

Pure enjoyment guaranteed.

I'm proud to say I have been with these guys since the 1st marshmallow vodka ladened episode. Marc and Lowell found their stride within just a couple of shows, and have been running strong ever since. I am not the first to say this and definitely won't be the last, listening to the Marc and Lowell show gives you the feeling of getting to hang out with a couple of old friends. They have some inside jokes/stories, but they are great at divulging the stories and jokes in an entertaining way, further making you feel like you're one of the group, (something that Shackman has been trying for since the start.). If you haven't heard this podcast you will find yourself hooked within a couple of episodes. Start at the beginning, you'll be flying through these contagious older episodes and caught up with the rest of us faster than you can say, "the Marc and who?" Then YOU TOO will be part of the MANDL family. Thanks guys for all you do.

Gloriously Jewish

Love M and L. They remind me of my fathers side of the family, all wonderfully Jewish and kibitzing over all sorts of stuff. Keep it up guys!

Wanting More

Love the show. Since adding 2 more shows a week things have been getting better fast. Always look forward to the next one and wondering what are the boys going to share next. The more we are left hanging for wanting more minutes and more contet the better the show. Way to go and keep up the golden waves of audible love.

It Takes Chutzpah

MmHyello, Boyz! Long-time Listener, never been a Fan. I just worked up enough chutzpah to buy my 1st quarterly subscription on RELM. Now the fear sets in as I wait for my wife to grill me about my online purchase. Maybe I can tell her I was trying to buy SILVER for Solitaire Blitz. Naah . . . she'll never believe it. She knows I'm a Happy Camper with the Marc & Lowell Show. Keep up the good work, Boyz. RussMan103 Baton Rouge, LA

He's coming in, He's coming in!

This is podcast gold! perhaps one of the greatest installments of the MandL show. So good, I listened twice It was really hard to keep my composure in a quiet office, tears were literally rolling down my face as I struggled to stifle my laughter. Keep up the good work guys! Been there since the first drunken show and i keep coming back.

Great Show

You guys are doing great I love the show keep up the great work!!! Thank You

Pete speaker 5000

I freaking laugh so hard when Lowell does the Pete or teen toe voice. The show sounds great. My week is not complete without this show. I spend a lot of time with my headphones in st work so the more shows the better. Keep it up guys! Pee OOO EEE!!

Funny Show!!!

I can't stop laughing with these guys. I always look forward to each podcast, and now I'm signed up for the Por-Pre show. Keep up the good work, guys! :)

35 in a row

I just caught up on episode 25 thru 60. I am the type that has to listen to everything in order. I was skeptical with the switch to there own network and leaving the comfortable fold, but I have bought in to the fact that they can make it on their own. I miss the interaction on TMOS, but they will succeed as the show is still a solid 5.

The OFFICIAL podcast of iTunes

Best podcast on iTunes. Great move guys, the RELM network is the future of all radio. Keep up the funny, and keep bringing on guests. PEE-O-WEE!!!

Growing show -new network!

I began listening to this show on its debut. It had very rough take off in the first few shows but now it seems to be flying level with wonderful stories, awkward moments, and real world chemistry among all of them. With the newest conception of their "network" the show's sound quality is getting better with each show. New additional cast members of RJ and Buzz Burbank are a nice mix between Marc and Lowell. This show doesn't express a political view of worldly events which is often nice to listen to our day to day grime. Take a listen and I think you'll enjoy this show.

Listen, dammit! Listen!

So good to have 3 shows a week now. These guys are funny. So funny, it'll make you plotz. Listen to the show. If you don't, L-O-W-E-L-L will cry like a little French girl. Not a dig, but a scientific fact.

Always a fun show!

If you are an 8-bit, potty humor child of the 80's, you will LOVE this show. (You know who you are!) But actually, the comedy isn't limited to Pac-Man scores or pranks from their days at camp. It's also about their everyday mishaps and adventures. Listen in if you need a good laugh!

Great job.

I started listening to this show just a couple weeks ago and am hooked. You two do a great job putting together a podcast and keep the listeners entertained. I bought my not-por-pree episode this morning and enjoyed it a lot. RJ - though I'm sure an incredibly nice guy in person and technically savy, please do not give him a mic. Not trying to be harsh, just honest, in that he doesn't add anything during conversations. He's a great behind the scenes guy. Not-Por-Pree Episode - You teased that you would provide more details about Marc's split from TMOS but nothing was mentioned. That was one of the reasons I bought the episode, so I was disapointed. I imagine it's awkward to talk about but this inside radio type stuff is what your P1's love. If you're going to tease it, please follow through, otherwise I'll save my money and just listen to the pree episodes.

Stone cold laugh riot

Marc and Lowell are a stone cold laugh riot. As friends for over 25 years, the inside jokes have piled up. And when they let us all in on their shortcomings, jokes, video game shenanigans and moments that forge their friendships, we feel as though we were there, as well. We all have friends like this, which makes their banter all the more relatable. From Lowell’s restaurant gripes to Marc’s obsession with everything “feek,” these two outstanding storytellers have helped me laugh my way through some rough times. I’m just relieved to discover that I’m not the only one who found such joy recording his farts as a kid.


Marc & Lowell are a breath of fresh error after finally leaving the bully at the Mike O'Meara show. They sound more comfortable and better than ever. Forming an alliance with Buzz Burbank was the smartest move they could make. The last straw for me regarding the TMOS show was when Robb took a dig at Marc, Lowell, RJ, and Buzz. So unprofessional and immature. Long live the RELM Network!

Listener #3 is Still Pleased

The show continues to get stronger! So many "likes" on Faceyspace and 300,000+ downloads Should tell you that these tribesmen are no joke. I'm proud to be one of those who can say I've been there from the beginning. Give them a listen and you will be hooked. I've turned a lot of friends onto MANDL, and I've started hearing the catch phrases already. My buddy recently told me a story referencing his "pegged-meter" without skipping a beat. Independence, multiple shows a week starting in July, tee shirts and "merch" tells me I will be able to enjoy these guys for a long time to come! Keep em comin', fellas! Pee-o-wee Steve, Eldersburg, MD

The Baltimore Bubeleh Brothers!

A Limerick: Marc and Lowell, they're two lifelong friends. One starts sentences and the other one ends. Their podcast is great. C'mon, don't you hate.. Great fun and laughter is what the show sends.

Gerd Gerd Gerd..Gerd is the word..

They may not own all the buildings in Baltimore but the Marc and Lowell show is funny. So funny you'll slip in your dad's house upstairs and put your red sneaker through the ceiling's insulation. Every week, or 10 days or anytime skype decides to work, download this podcast. El Oh Double You E El El..that's the place for meeee! smookee!

BEST Podcast out there!!!!!!!!

These two have great chemistry. I feel like I am part of the group listening to all of their stories. They are effortlessly hilarious!!!!! I have listened to them all and going back for round two. I have loaded this show to my husband's new iPod. I am going to listen to them all from the start. I want to experience the marshmallow vodka goodness along with him. :) POE..... P.S. Lowell - I laughed at the carrots. :)

Show 60 was the best yet

The boys had everything on this one: craps tables, a Shack story without any actual Shack, vintage kids' PSAs, and lots of Lowell complaining. I also loved the 8-bit theme. This one was out of the park!

My new favorite!

What a fun podcast... nothing controversial, political, insulting or embarrassing! Love this podcast... give it a listen & you will be hooked!

Appointment podcasting...

...when they release their shows on time ;). Always hilarious and leave you wanting for more, the decidedly Jewish Marc and Lowell host one of the best podcasts on the Internet today. They make you feel like they're your two best friends when they let you in on all of their little inside jokes, even for a goy like me. I practically feel like I grew up going to camp with them! I think what I like most about the show is it still feels a bit homegrown and it never takes itself too seriously, something that I think TMOS should take note of. In fact, I would be remiss if I didn't recommend Marc permanently take Buzzie's old seat. When I was 11 or 12 and listening to the Don and Mike show for the first time, my childhood best friend and I aspired to make a radio show one day, but you two beat us too it, this is exactly what we would've ended up doing and I love it. Enough about TMOS, more about MandL. Don't let the haters dictate what happens on the show. Shack, Jamie, et all? Put them on as little or as often as you want, it's YOUR show and so far you two have done a fine job steering the ship. Everyone that I have had listen to The MandL Show ends up getting hooked, and the next thing you know, you start getting drunken late night text messages that simply read "Peeowee!!!". Keep up the good work you two, you have a listener for life.


You will realize you hit the jackpot with each listen. Pee-ooo-eee!

A show I look forward to listening to

I became a dedicated listener just before Shackmen was banned from ever coming on again. Every episode makes me laugh especially my favorite episode, the plumber's apprentice, describing the geyser of poo. Keep it up and don't stop the toilet humor.


The two of you have great chemistry. Your long friendship translates well on the show. Keep up the great work on Theeeee Marc and Lowell show. Peee oooo eeeei. Paul Towsley

Feaking great!!

One of my favorite sources of levity. Two guys with really interesting lives who still choose to focus on snacks and poo. I replayed the "Fireside Chat" show 3 times! Pay no attention to the haters-- They just don't get it!!

Great Podcast!!

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to at work! This podcast will unhinge your jaw and make you laugh out loud! If you like the Mike O'Meara show then you will love the Marc and Lowell show!!

A Card for These Cards

Aces! I have listened to every podcast this pair has done. Some are pretty good, and most are great. But Episode 55 is a new all time high! The old greating card with "MandLisms" is fodder for this walk down nostalgia lane with two best friends. And what could be more appropriate for two former Don & Mike interns than to blow through a scheduled break time to finish a story. Hilarious! SMOAKn.

The Best MORE Broadcasting has to offer!

Excellent podcast! Give me more. 90+ minutes of Marc and Lowell dealing with a Jamie. Yes! To all those who are complaining about it I say, EAT IT MOTHER F'er! PEEOOEE!!

Momma's Angel and the weatherman

These guys always make me laugh. They are like fine wine-they only get better with age. Friendly, down to earth and relatable. That is why they are my go to pod cast! Pee O Eee!

It's a show

It's funny. Listen. Podcast Of Entertainment. (POE).

Pee Oh Eeee?

These two guys are a welcome throwback to the old "guy-talk" radio format that is so sadly absent from the airwaves these days. Personally, I could do with a little less Jamie (she's nearly as bad as Shackman, in my opinion) but The Marc and Lowell Show is part of my required weekly listening. I've listened since the beginning, and I'm glad to say that these two guys have become two of my favorites in all of podcasting (right below The Mike O'Meara Show).

Pick a day, any day but please pick one.

Guys i love the show, Lowell is really funny and Marc has a great line every now and then...not really he's funny too. Could you pick a regular day to release the podcast? Please!

Better than what I thought it was going to be

I was hesitant on downloading the show, but I was in need of something to listen to while I was at work. So I downloaded the most recent 6 episodes, and boy was I surprised. It was better than what I thought it was going to be. I am very disappointed in myself for not listening from the start. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I am currently destroying my toilet as I write this review.

poo ewww eee

I thought I had it bad. Lowell literally has an S storm on his hands. Great job guys as always.

I am interested in what they have to say.

If you get into these guys, you will be happy whenever they post a new show. It's important to remember that they do this just because they enjoy it. As far as I know, there is no monetary reward for them at the end of the podcast. I love to hear about their experiences, they have a lot of cool stuff going on, but because they are not d-bags, I don't feel as though they are bragging. ( Marc: I'd love to hear more about what you did before TMOS. Lowell: How did you choose T.V. journalism? )

Deliciously addictive

Like a favorite candy, MandL are really an addictive guilty pleasure. They are just like the guys I always hung out with (and dated) in school. There are always laughs. They rarely ever drift into heavy or serious topics. The chemistry they have is dynamic and fun. You can just sit back, laugh, and enjoy. Love it!

Excellent podcast

Marc and Lowell keep me laughing consistently at my desk at work. They are very relatable, funny, and easy to listen to. I feel like I was there when they re-tell most of their stories, probably because I have grown up much the same and act similar in similar situations. If you're in a situation like mine where your friends all live far away, make some new friends in Marc and Lowell. Also you may find yourself like me and play the "Peeeoooeee" game by yourself in public drawing the attention and quizzical looks from complete strangers. Keep up the excellent work and keep the laughs coming. -Chris Beard, cousin of animator Aaron Lamb

I never listen to the Marc & Lori show!

One of my favorite PodCasts ... I look forward to it dropping each week(ish). I'm a longtime fan of TMOS. MandL are a great companion to the flagship. I guess you could say you are like the nice fat friend of the popular kid that everyone likes! Seriously, I love what you do each and every week, even with the Skype issues it's totally worth the listen and subscription!

Grows on you like a fungus!

A little odd. A little disturbing. It's like hanging out with those weird high schools friends you never thought would make it to adulthood. Hilarious!

I never listen to the Marc and Larry Show

I look forward to this show dropping every week. Great chemistry between two old friends. Enjoy the content, whether it's about old video games, diarrhea, or Lowell's horrible hipster waiters. Keep the shows coming! Peeoooeee!

Episode 49 was a jewel

What you thought was a disaster was so perfectly Shackman. I would not have wanted a Shackman appearance to go any other way. Love the show.

The Marc and who

This show pegs my meter every time...seriously after I listen to an episode the runs get me, which is a plus for me since i suffer from chronic constipation.

Mmm, hello boys...

Fantastic every week. I've found myself quoting them several times, even forcing friends to listen to the dook stories. Pee ooo wee, Diarrhea.


Still fecal.


That's it - just awesome.

Genuine Ingenuity

There's not a single episode that I haven't found funny since #1.This show is not perfect, nor do I expect it to be. There are all kinds of funny gems to be heard while listening. Marc & Lowell really play off each other well. It is so funny when they pick on each other. This show isn't fancy or overproduced, it's more pure & natural, and you can tell these guys are genuine and shamelessly being themselves, which is why it's fun to listen to. There is a LOT of toilet humor, so if that's not your bag I dont recommend it. I like the stories about camp, stories about Lowell going out to eat, the dating stories, and when they reference old school video games I have tried a lot of the "what we're into" things they discuss each episode, like the pop chips, marshmellow vodka, & cuties & enjoyed them. They talk about a lot of random & funny stuff, like how artificial calamari is pig bung, funny noises from old video games-"Peee Oh Wee", funny old commercials "bowl of Duke's", Keurigs & iPads.. It's like listening in on a couple of old friends talk about their lives and memories. They sometimes bring on old friends or family members. Poor Schackman, lol. (He isn't allowed on the show anymore for some reason). I give it 5 stars. If you like it, I recommend listening from the beginning to be "in" on more of the jokes. Keep it coming, guys. You rock.


Mandl. Getting better all the time. (how's that for back handed compliments) I really enjoy Baltimore TVs version of a Swiss army knife and Germantown's favorite son cracking wise. Keep up the good work. More Robb more Jaime

Diaper Dootie!!

Love the show!! My mother was changing my daughters diaper the other day and said PEE OOO EE at the smell!! I died laughing!! She has no idea what a podcast is, so it was easier to just let her think I was crazy for laughing at a stinky diaper!!

its good. It's fine.

It's a nice little show you boys have. If you are fans of the league, you are friends of mine.

Great guest!

Keep the weekly shows coming! Pee oooo wee

With just a over a year

The Marc and Lowell Show has gone from not that bad to great. Marc and Lowell have a longtime friendship that gives the show a unique chemistry. They tell entertaining behind the scene stories from thier personal and professional lives. The show covers a wide range of topics such as pop culture, television, and sports. Keep up the good work boys.




Huge fan of TMOS.. & being one of the host of the JunkiesP1 podcast shameless plug.. I love the chemistry of these 2 Donks. Def make me Laff keep up the great work!! Paulieflix

Hullo Boys!

welcome back from your suspension!

Love you guys!

I cannot stop laughing at Lowell's story of Teentoe the 45 year old man with a 15 year old toe. I'm so glad you guys are back! Love you long time!


If Marc and Lowell were a breakfast drink, I'd enjoy a cool glass every week.

Another not fan listener

These guys have a million listeners and not one fan... and I am glad to listen each and every time... PEE OOH EEE


I really enjoy listing to you guys. Excellent chemistry between you, great stories and excellent content. Keep up the good and hard work. Peeeoooooooeeeeee :-)

Great podcast..

Lately there's been at least 7 mins of funny, that's 60 secs more than guaranteed! It's the worst podcast out there. No really it is....:)

It's been three weeks and I'm in serious withdrawl

I love the Mark And Lowell show. I know things have been busy with the Hurricane and the Reno show, but I vow to wear goggles until the next podcast is posted. Jeff Hancock posting on his wife's iTunes account peeowee.

Two grown Jews that can't get enough of each other!

40 Strong baby. I've never missed an episode and much like TMOS, they just keep getting funnier. When I listen to them I feel like I do when I'm BS-ing with my buddies. Keep up the great work, Pee-ooo-Wee, Bree-bee-bee-bee, and thank you for using AT&T!

Made it and at the top of their game!

Marc and Lowell are no longer the friends that are getting better every week, they are powerhouse podcasters that vaulted themselves into the a top tier comedy must hear podcast! I can't wait for their podcast to hit the stream! My meter is pegged and I am laughing constantly as they make their way through topics such as old school video games to current pop culture phenomena. This show is more addicting than Psy going Gangam Style while eating Pop Chips and smoother than Grandma Melser eating salmon at the Lonhorn! Keep bringing the funny and I will keep downloading and spreading the word! The obvious choice for your listening pleasure, way above the same old drek.

They're simply the best!!!

Their innovative approach to podcasting keeps me coming back for more. Listening to them is like that first breath of fresh air you get when coming out of a Turkish bath. Keep rocking' it Boyz!!!!

The best on MORE network

This show is the funniest on MORE. It has surpass TMOS. Please stay away from politics and just be funny.

great show

you guys make my nights driving around town(bowie) great

Great job MandL

I just live this show. It is a great spin off of The Mike O'mera show. Just some great long time friendships that they seem to bring back to a almost description and you would feel that your right there with them. I was never able to create friendships like that with my dad being in the military, but I'm sure glad that I can feel like I'm one of the gang when they tell their stories.

Like a fungus, it grew on me!

And I say that lovingly! I enjoy MANDL each week, although it took me several weeks to get into it, to be able to distinguish between Marc and Lowell's voices, to piece together things like sex camp, pee-ooo-wee, and wah-bah-bah-bah since I didn't start listening from the beginning. I "get it" all now and am entertained week after week!


This is THE greatest podacast on THE internet. Listen to THE MANDL Show. Just relistened to all of THE episodes again and THE stories get funnier. Good luck to you both. P.S. I'm not mocking Marc when I say THE... it's just I feel it is my duty to put THE in all CAPS

The hits keep on coming

just caught up on several shows and glad to report I didn't miss any of Lowell's whining!! Awesome show guys, keep the funny rolling!! Gotta go the Meter is pegged!!

Funnier every week

Marc, Eric's story last week about how you woke him up totally cracked me up! You guys are awesome! I love your show!

Lots of fun!!

As someone who never went to camp as a kid, I love to hear all the camp stories. It's like a Jewish Meatballs! Keep up the great work!

Better and Better

Every episode gets better and funnier!

Horse-ride for the holiday special!

Since you've mentioned it, how 'bout doing Psy's Gangnam style horse ride. Lol. And as always, keep up the good work, keep the show rollin'.

Like it in the Ozarks

DC transplant really enjoys the show! Might be the only one in Springfield MO but keep up the good work! And no, I don't have a pretty mouth.

Another fine job!

Great show guys... Although I am really starting to wonder what happened in the early days that would explain why your so focused on the Hersey highway.

Exxxxxcellllent Show!

It the great words of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures that you and Lowell take us on. I laugh so loud at work that others are giving me the look wondering what this guy is laughing at. So I shared the podcast with them and I think I have got a few hooked. Keep up the excellent work guys. You even had me turning red listening to your camp adventure with your friend and his (Interesting campers) that go every year to enjoy their extra curricular activities in the woods. All I can say is wow not a camping trip I want to be on. But you still got a laugh from me.


Well. No longer small pods. Mike is mr white. You are Jesse. Keep on Giving a great podcast

Love this show!

You guys are great! I've listened to TMOS for years. I love this spin off show. I cant wait for the show every week. My Friday mornings start with Marc & Lowell, then TMOS and the bonus show. Great way to start my weekend. I no longer listen to traditional radio. Keep up the great work! Mike should be very proud of you two.....

Great show guys

Great show. Makes you feel like you're old middle school and high school buddies with them. Peeohee. Love this show and it is on my MUST listen to weekly podcasts along with the Mike Omeara show and Big O and Dukes. My only issue with the show, and I know it may be me being picky. But I want to tear my ears out everytime I hear Marc say "THE Marc and Lowell show." the strong accent on THE makes me want to kick a nearby kitten, or slap a newborn puppy. I love you guys , but seriously my ears are bleeding from the accented THE. I keep trying to dig the sound out of my ear canal. In all seriousness I love this show and it is honestly a must listen. I am actually looking forward to their "bonus content" when they charge for the show. They deserve to get paid from this show.

Ohhhhh noooooo!!!

What am I going to do, waa paa paa paa! (insert violins) I started listening to you guys only 3 weeks ago because I was going on a long car ride...needless to say the trip was over before I knew it, I was laughing out loud, and I'm HOOKED! I have caught up on EVERY, yes every, podcast which means I listened to one a day! So the oh nooooo is what am I going to do without my daily dose of you two!! Keep up the great work! Love you both! Btw....addicted to krave cereal now, Marc you must try it WITH milk!

Absolutely 5 stars!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would :)

I have liked the Marc and Lowell show from day one. You remind me of the days when my best friend for life and I would goof off together. Every time I listen... we will just say my comedy meter is pegged. I wish you would post more than once a week, I find myself missing you while listening to my daily TMOS. Love you guys, keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing at least half of you at Quench! I will be trying my first marshmallow vodka... Lowell, not so interested in your drink... but you seem like a nice guy anyway.

I told you this was a bad idea....TO NOT LISTEN!!

I look forward to Marc and Lowell as much as I do TMOS…These guys are funny as hell, and they keep changing it up with new stuff. The ‘Camp Reunion/Fried Board’ episode was great. Keep it up guys, I can’t wait for more..And Lowell, CHEER UP!!

Like a wine it gets better with time

I am long time Don and Mike fan and have been following the comedy of TMOS. MandL is a good spin off like the Jeffersons was from All in the Family. Keep up the good work!

Great show and getting stronger

I am an avid podcast listener. I constantly am trying to find new shows, however there is so much out there that just doesn't catch my interest due to too much bickering or horrible radio voice and I am glad to say I found out about this show through tmos as many other listeners probably have as well. I started listening to every show From the beginning and my love for this show has grown immensely. To all the haters out there, have you really given it a chance and listened to more than a couple episodes? Marc ronic, you are hysterical and contrary to what others may say you have a great voice, and melser makes a great partner for you. I am so glad I stumbled on your guys show. Five stars keep up the great work.- Chris B.

Looking forward to it more and more...

Easy listening, good chemistry and the funny keeps increasing. But please, please, keep Shackman away from Mandel! I'd much rather hear more Siri, Reepeeeepeee!

Haven't missed one!

Very cool to hear two guys relate to each other as only lifelong friends can. Very entertaining listening. A real guys show!

Great job girls

This show would be 5 stars if they could find some men to cohost w these 2 ladies

Inside joke for everyone

Marc and Lowell bring good times with them. Having a strong friendship allows them to revel in the absurd with a conspirital wink, that removes any sting. The audience is welcomed into their arms and included as if we met them back in camp years ago. Which after listening to a few shows you'll feel like you have. Thanks for the laughs.

Great show

Kind of..... No just kidding about 60% as good as TMOS and that's good enough for five stars.

A show without Robb, is a show for me!

Theee Marc and Lowell Show 2 average guys reminiscing about the past and about every day crap, which just makes you laugh. The best feature is that it is Robb free. :-) I will even listen to Miley Cirus instead of another 1930’s record bumper coming in and out of break. (Well there is a limit to that too, don’t push it fellas). Keep making the funny and we will keep listening. I hate sweet potatoe fries, I'am with Marc on this. Lowell let’s get some pictures of your sister up on the website, uh? Now that we know that Marc was close to her in the past?! Pee-o-eeee Regards Jose

Great Show!

These guys are getting better and better. The kinks are worked out and show really flows now, usually. I even like the snafus .

Good show

How many times will Lowell say ridic in the next episode.

Really enjoy this podcast - and the Baltimoron slant on life!

I'm probably much older than their demographic since oldies to me are 60s and 70s music. But I have listened from the beginning and enjoy their shows a lot...They have rapport of their long-time friendship but not so much that you feel totally outside the secret club if you don't know what their references are to. I enjoy the INTO and FEEDBACK sessions which helps balance out their review-of-the-week-in-MANDL-life....Only 4 stars as I think there's a way to do the flatulence and other guy stuff without the excess it sometimes gets into...But I'll still be listening. (And will even if Jamie can't deliver a star...! Such pressure for her.)


I'm around the same age as these 2. Memories of some great things fom my childhood. The only thing I don't like are the ree pee pee bee etc sound affects. It gives me headaches. But that's just my opinion and I love the rest of th show. Btw Jaime is a tease. Still no celebrity guest? Tony in MD

Two funny friends bringing top-notch entertainment to lucky listeners.

The Marc & Lowell Show keeps getting better and better! Thanks, guys! I look forward to hearing your show and the stories you tell. This is definitely a five-star show!

MandL Baby!

Love the show! I try to catch each show. But I missed a few episodes so I went back and started from Ep. 1. I feel like I found an awesome band that not many know about. Then the band makes it big and I can say I was there from the beginning! Marc & Lowell crack me up. I find myself laughing out loud, which can be a little embarrassing when in public places like at the store, the office, taking the kid to karate. But I can't help it! Now I'm looking for an opportunity to do a public "Peeowee" somewhere and see who else is listening. Keep your ears open friends! Peeowee. Rap-pa-pa-pa, Ree-pe-pe-pe, Ro-po-po-po Trista H. - Carmichael, CA

Awesome - great show!

Every ep gets better and better. Hilarious! Like listening to old friends catching up and weighing in on life. TMOS is the best podcast available, and M&L is a worthy addition to the stable. Long live Mr. Spaitso, and keep the mash-up mixes coming, they never cease to crack me up.

It's THEE Marc and Lowell Show

Maybe it's because I missed the infamous "marshmallow vodka" episode, but I have loved this podcast since its inception. Their show sounds a lot like conversations my sisters and I have and now, my hubby is a fan because he too was a video gaming fool in his adolescence and loves reminiscing about those games. I'll never quit you.

By Far The Best

June 15th was perfection! 5 minutes of Lowell and no Marc. You say Fail... I say Flawless! All kidding aside this is a VERY close second, only to TMOS, as the best podcast out there. Only wish you guys had time to do more than one show a week. I guess I will get my fill during the 27 hour holiday show. Peeeooooweee... Wapapapa.... Essadee

More Marc and Lowell, please!

Another gem from MORE Broadcasting. I've loved The Marc and Lowell Show since the beginning. My only complaint is that we only get an hour of M & L each week. I would love to see them add a second hour. Consistently entertaining and engaging. Keep up the GREAT work.

Great Show!

When I first started listening to The Marc and Lowell Show, I was skeptical. Now I am hooked. Just like TMOS, I look forward to listening to TMLS every week. They keep me sane at work and make my long boring day better and go just a little quicker. Love you guys! Excited to see what is to come!

Lowell's Grandmother Best Guest Ever

Loved Lowell's grandmother episode, she reminded me of growing up in suburban Michigan and all of the lovely jewish women. Thanks for the fun and I am very happy to have another good Podcast to look forward too each week. Keep it up!

From Mediocre to Marvelous!

I'm a M&L listener from the "alcohol" induced beginnings of this MORE broadcasting show. It is quite impressive where this show has gone from its original format. I think you captured the old feeling when, "you know that your friend knows that your lying again" (which is a good thing) I think you guys are awesome! Keep up the great podcasting! Ra pa pa, Beep beep, peo-wee, etc.

Straight up fly!

These guys are not just riding the coat-tails of TMOS. They are unique and quite entertaining. It takes me back to my childhood friendships. Well done boys. Good work to be keeping!

Double Dribble Indeed

I now believe I am a long lost friend of Marc and Lowell. After listening to the Double Dribble Bet story, I feel like I am catching up with old friends from my childhood. My meter is pegged waiting for the next episode, Peowee Marc, I probably would have lost that bet also......

All in!

I first started listening to Marc and Lowell's later shows, and found since I loved those so much, I decided to go back to Episode #1 and listen to all the earlier episodes in order. I am hooked and all in. So much so, that after hearing the genesis of "Pee ooo eee", I was determined to find the original sound effect that they hilariously imitate. Their imitation far surpasses the original! Guys, you tell stories well .. and you make the listener feel as though we're a part of your past. Rock On, and thank you for using AT&T.

mmmmm jewy

if your like me and can't get through an entire episode of tech 411 without the sexual tension making it HARD to stick with, put on some Marc and Lowell. they'll make sure it doesn't move! great show, can't wait for the 5 hour holiday episode! pee oo wee!


Enjoyed the show...


Too funny, you'all are awsome. WEEPPEE WAAAAPPAPA ! Keep them coming. P.S. Please no Shackman AKA Dennis Murphy.

The Hebrew Hammers!

Great show guys, keep up the good work!

Women also LOVE Marc & Lowell…

Two handsome Hebrews who crack wise, laugh at themselves, rip on each other & bring us, laughing all the way, into their past and present through humorous stories- what's not to love. It is like hanging out with my hubby & my guys friends …anything goes! Lowell should make the trip out to NorCal in October too... <3 you guys and look forward to the show each week <3

Love MarLow

Solid show with great content - love all things camp, Lowell's first world problems, Marc's compassion and the relationship a lifetime has created. One of my favorites for sure.

Great show!

The Marc and Lowell show has turned the corner and is a nice podcast to complement TMOS. Just please just no more poor quality phone interviews with Shackman. He isn't interesting enough to suffer through the audio quality...

Smoke! Smoke!

This is a fun podcast. I'm only sorry to hear that Marc & Lowell are losing Buzz. Oh well, that leaves more time for the shackman. Seriously, this is a fun show. And the occasional visit from Lowell's sister, Jamie, is awesome.

Such good boys

Just like a gallon jug of Manischewitz, these boys are good to the last drop, unless Marc is drinking it!!! Though I am a little younger than the guys, I enjoy the childhood stories especially the old video game sound effects. Now I have a new habit, inserting pee ooo eee and all the versions of ree pee pee into songs. Keep on keeping on fellas!!! Todd Eardman Rochester NY

Great show

Keep up the great banter and schtick. I look forward to this show and the other MORE shows each week. Peeee oweeee eeeee. And EssaDee.

Hi Marc & Lowell

I love your show . Theater of the mind.

Great and Getting Better

First, bear this in mind: Shackman = bad. Keep him as far away from the show as humanly possible. Jamie and Jonah = VERY GOOD Really, with the exception of Shackman, I think the key is to have more than just Marc and Lowell on the show. That may sound like a dig on Marc and Lowell, but when it is a group all feeding off of each other, it is a funnier show. When it's just two guys talking to each other, it isn't as funny. Look at it this way -- Don and Mike were never just "Don and Mike", they always had other voices, whether it be Buzz, Robb, Sherry, etc., to add to the day. In the end, Don and Mike were a great pair (just like Marc and Lowell), but they were made greater by the group atmosphere. That's one of the reasons TMOS is so amazingly great -- Mike O'Meara is the show, but the show isn't just Mike. Keep it up; it is great to hear from the two of you, and I hope to hear lots more for years to come!

I'll have..... more Marc and Lowell

I've just finished listening to the 20th episode. Definitely a show I look forward to each and every week. I hate to pile on, but I have to agree with the other reviews that note the show picked up after Shackman was no longer guesting on the show. I'm sure he's a great guy (or not according to Lowell) but he's an awful story teller/broadcaster. The other guests have been better Jonah is a funny guy and I'm obliged to say that Jamie was AMAZING on the show. I have to explain the four star rating. I love the show, but I have to say there is still room for the show to improve. They've done just twenty shows and in that time have grown leaps and bounds. I feel they are still in the midst of really finding their true niche. Plus, I wanted to tweak Lowell a little. If you were a high school dork during the 80's and 90's this show will bring some great childhood memories. Plus you'll find some interesting new vocabulary. Pe-ooh-eee!

Much better!

Not great to begin with, but MUCH BETTER NOW!! Two hot Jews talking. Wee pee pee pee, wah pah pah pah...pee oooh eeee. Love to Marc and Lowell. xoxox

Funny show since Marc put down the bottle

I didn't go to college with broadcasters, so they don't remind me of college guys, as mentioned in many reviews. The show has become a staple in my podcast diet. I do wish they would do more than one a week, but I get that they are too lazy, I mean busy. I kid, because I love Marc and Lowell.

The collest dorks ever!!!

Its a dry humor that gets wet. I like how you don't have to be from the DMV to get the humor. Reminds me of myself and one of my dorkball friends. Give it a chance

Much improved

The Marc and Lowell Podcast has improved steadily since the first few episodes. It's worth twice the price they charge!

Choose the Jews!

In support of these 2 professional broadcasters (well, 1 1/2), I don't listen to Marc and Lowell from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Sabbath keepers unite!

Podcast lover

Top notch shows on MORE! Be selective when adding new content, but so far they are all winners!

Getting there

I have been listening since day one, it was beginning to be a chore to listen around #5but as soon as you drop shack it was a marced (see what i did there) improvement. The other guests are great it seems like shack over thinks being on and makes me cringe. Keep it up boys I am all in. Reeeepeeepeee whapapapa and pea a weee

Better and better.... BUT

Great job guys.... Better every time... But Marc's disparaging remarks about Beerfest..... HOW DARE YOU SIR! Keep on keeping on....

Great for Alzheimer Patients!

If you listen to the Mike O'Meara show, but immediately forget every single thing Marc talks about there, this is the podcast for you. It's great! He'll repeat every story he tells, word for word. Perfect for anyone suffering from a whole host of mental ailments, especially Alzheimer's!


I was a huge Sierra junkie with Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Hero's Quest. You guys really brought back great memorie of why I was so overweight and pastey in my youth.


Just can't get enough. Who knew, two Jews would make me laugh so much. Bring on sister Jamie anytime. Haha, sick of hearing about Jamie. She's a great correspondent. This is one listener that will keep on listening. Thanks for the funny.

"Bo-Reee-Bee-Bee-Bee!"(Sbaitso style)

If I could give you 700 stars, I would! You guys take me back to a happy time and place...where Atari and the A-Team ruled! You have a way of making the listeners feel like we were there with you: rat-tailing the crap outta Marc's butt, etc. Keep it up

Superb show !!

Finally, someone who can keep up with the quick witted Robb Spewak: Jamie Melzer. Would love to hear them behind the mics together. Along with Hollywood celebs, I would like Lowell to line up Baltimore personalities. Keep the call-ins coming. Love them. Can't wait for the Holiday show!!

Faa Knee

Marc and Lowell give me a good laugh every show. Thanks for the entertaiment boys!

This show is awesome, but...

Marc & Lowell are clever and sort of funny, like most Ashkenazi Jews, but I'd appreciate a little better production value. Where are the characters? I know you two have it in you. A dollop more confidence can only improve the show.

Marc and Lowell FTW!

I have told all of my friends about this amazing new show! They guys have hit their stride and I am loving the ride!

Love it

Any born between 1970 and 1980 will listen, laugh, love, and consider selling a major organ in order to go to their next camp reunion.

great show

These guys have great chemistry, and listening to them feels like hanging out with old friends from high school/college. Also the end of the law and order theme song sounds like "pee wee peeoo-weee"