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This podcast is great!
Whenever there is a new episode I can’t wait to listen!

The brothers I never had!
After many many years of listening and laughing, I finally realized why o enjoy the real life stories of this group of lifelong friends! They give me the feelz as if they are little brothers to me and I have insight into what it was like growing up for them. Their sense of humor and take on everyday topics, not to mention some always welcome potty humor and their inside jokes keep me giggling. Some of their catch phrases are even daily descriptors in my own household. 😜🤪😝

So much fun to listen!
I’ve been listening for now almost 9 years. I happened to stumble upon this podcast when there were only a handful of podcasts. This fun group captivated me from the start! Old friends, busting balls and having a lot of laughs at their own expense! All of them have a great sense of humor, are intelligent and have unique take on life. This podcast makes me feel like a 10 year old hanging out with teenage boys. Naughty but nice! Do yourself a favor and give this pod a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Getting gray
Enjoyable discussion about the arrival of gray hair.

Great return!.. looking forward to more of the cast too!

Great show would love 45min per show.the power of more .can't live without this show

Consistently Great and Relatable
Marc and Lowell are BACK with their show show that is "slice of life" funny and relatable to just about everyone. Funny, poignant, and on topic the sounds as fresh as it did before they took a break a while back. Great to hear new episodes again! ABQ Dan

The Boys are Back in Town
Some of the best podcasts I listen to are people who’ve been friends, work buddies or old school friends from years past. I get the same fun and entertaining vibe from MANDL show. Goofing on each other, making clear sometimes how unique and different each person’s personality or life style is. That being said, you all love each other and embrace each other as great friends. I like that you can disagree, get mad at each other but work through the issues as the living and great friends that you are. Every person feels empowered to “air” their issues with one another but it always ends up great. Thanks for the entertainment and joy you bring to all of us listening. ❤️ You all!

Very funny
I really enjoyed it. It’s like listening to hanging out with your friends from high school. Really funny.

Is THE Marc & Lowell show the best podcast?
In an endless sea of podcasts, some as big as the ocean itself, there's an oasis floating within called the Marc & Lowell show. Is it important to the state of the world? Probably not. Will it change your life? Maybe, but what it WILL do is provide entertainment. You figure old guys who have known each other as long as dirt has been in existence might have some things to say, but funny? Hold onto whatever apparel you have on your head, because THAT is the point. Mix pop culture, the mundane, and camp stories and you have Marc & Lowell.

PEE to the WEE
I totally wish I went to camp with you guys!!!

Better Than Ever
I've been listening since marshmellow vodka, but the renewed effort by Team MANDL the last few months has made for some great shows. New baby, new job, new producer, erm... new new producer, new cereals, new fweeps. Old friends. Marc & Lowell are the cornerpieces but Lisa and Jonah are great foils to their riduclounesss. And both bring plenty of ridiculous of their own. If you haven't listened in a while, download a new episode. If you haven't listened at all, try it out. Original review - Jul 27, 2012: The first celebrity interview show begins with the appealing Rashida Jones and ends with the repulsive Lowell squirts. Yeah... That sounds about right for the boys. Great stuff!

Always a great listen!
I first listened to these guys back in D.C. when they used to assist on a national radio show, and even in those early days they had a fun on air presence. When they got their own venue to broadcast their own thoughts and ideas it just got better from there. Often the best material comes from a couple of folks who've known each other most of their lives, pulling ideas from their memories and making entertainment out of it. Like most radio talk shows or podcasts, there's in jokes and references you might not get at first, but if you give it time, you'll be fully onboard with the fun, and it just gets better from there!

You know when you get together with friends and just.. talk? It can be heartbreaking, it can be hilarious, but it's always a great time? That's Marc & Lowell. That may be the name of the show, but there's a large cast of characters (of which Marc is indeed one) who have all been friends for many, many years. Now you can be one, too!

This show cracks me up
I've been listening to Marc and Lowell since the early marshmallow vodka days (go back and listen to the first couple of episodes!) and every show is like hanging out with a group of very funny friends. I always look forward to hearing what happens every show!

Lots of fun
Like catching up with old friends every week.

2019 : M and L gets better!
Just as Friends evolved over the years, THE Marc and Lowell Show has improved in content and presentation. Marc, Lowell, Lisa and new Dad Jonah have really upp -ed their game with a new producer who has made the audio clearer, the edits cleaner that allows the cast to focus on their real-life content. Come along for some good laughs, fun stories and affirmation that life is a circus - this show will make your day!

It's like a playlist on shuffle
The Marc & Lowell show is like a playlist on never know what will be next. Conversations range from childhood in the 80's, adulting in 2019, parenting, work, life, and topics of pop culture interests. A fun time will be had with Marc & Lowell and the rest of the gang each week.

Guaranteed LOLs
I've been listening to Marc and Lowell for years now, and they never fail to make me laugh; when I'm feeling down I will listen to episode after episode because I know I'll be chortling, guffawing, chuckling, and giggling. The cast of regulars feel like old friends to me (Lisa, Jonah, Seth, Danny, Amy) and I just LOVE this show! And having met them in person, it is a bonus to say that they are JUST as funny and genuine in-person as they are on the "air." LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Great content!
I’ve listened to this show since their early days, and it has continued to gel and get better over the years. Love the rotating cast of characters (friends) that drops in, each adding their own stories and personalities. Also a good mix of nostalgia (80s!!) as well as modern things like sports and technology. It’s always fun to see what these guys are into...keep up the good work guys! Now can you get outta here? 😜😜

My podcast "friends"!
Fun and friendly conversations -- I enjoy listening to Marc, Lowell, and friends talk about their lives and also bust some balls.

great show

Laughing with friends
The Marc and Lowell show is my favorite podcast. When driving to work or decompressing on the way back home, no podcast makes me laugh and let go like this one. Listening feels like hanging out with old friends, hearing their funny stories, and getting on the inside of jokes. These are two great guys, an extended crew of co-stars, and just a well-made podcast all coming together for a good time of quality listening laughing pleasures.

Not a fan again
I took a hiatus from listening but am back to really liking the show. The addition of more voices and less camp talk has made it a favorite again. Keep it up guys and Lisa!

Im not a fan, The best in podcasts, and entertainment. Thanks for all you did in 2015, boys! Looking forward to seeing where you go in 2016

A Must Listen
Forget about Adam Carolla with the same old stories....Marc and Lowell is where it's at. They tell real life stories in a way that is vey relatable to my life. They have a cast of characters that visit the show that are too funny! First you have Lisa Onion who is secretly trying to hook up with Marc and then there is R Jay Diaz who is just a ladies man...If you want stories from camp just hang on for Jona Burger and once the pot haze clears here comes buzzed Burbank! What a show already and then there is the man who tickles the keys....Dan Birkstock! Pick a song and Dan can play it! Make way for the hot piece JamieMelzer(pregnant)...5 Stars!

No 1 baby!
Been a loyal listener since the beginning. Like most podcast listeners, I subscribe to several podcasts. I must say, when I see a new MandL show has been uploaded its a great feeling. You know how you save the favorite podcast for the "right" drive? I find myself usually waiting to play it for my Friday drive home, so I can listen in sheer bliss during my Dallas freeway traffic jam. Keep up the great work!

It's Double Meat Funny
January 14, 2015 New Year, New Review! Great show! Gre-a-a-a-t! I would write a longer review, but Lowell gets bored reading them if we talk about the rest of the cast. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh! September 11, 2014 Marc and Lowell are still two of the most entertaining guys in radio[-like podcasting]. From Double Meat to Diapered Houses to Dr Dope, the show is consistently laugh-out-loud funny, and the addition of long-time friends as featured guests like Lisa, Seth, the leader of the Jonah Parade himself, Jonha Berger, and Marc's brother Eric ["Hi I'm Eric Ronick from Black Gold."] the doors to the funny story vault has been thrown wide! Although there is the occasional "heavy lifting" required for guests like Schackman, but those moments just highlight how professional the hosts are. this podcast is a keeper. Still want to hear the Delta Beta Story and about Sprite No Ice, though. Good news is that AJ Clemente is down 6k followers, to just 10k now. April 24, 2013 'MHello Boys! Remember me, Lowell?! i've posted on Facebook before! funnier than ever, and touching; having learned that they were secret teenage lovers from Marc's card to Lowell, i can hardly wait to hear the Delta Beta story that they will never ever tell. and AJ Clemente has over 16,000 Twitter followers now. Feb 18, 2012 Miss Lady is a dick. Mr Jiffy Lube is a waffle hog. "retro" commercials for young people. Don Lapre and Tom Vu too. such nice boys, and funny too.

Great show!
Such great chemistry between these two. An episode with what is great about this show, slice of life, ball-busting and pop culture.

Perfect way to start your day. Love It!!