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Consistently Great and Relatable

As a MandL P1, I will admit I am biased but also as a long time listener to D and M and TMOS, I think I know a good quality show when I hear it. Marc, Lowell and their cast of friends and family have created a show that is "slice of life" funny and relatable to just about everyone. No longer is it about retro sound clips and infomercial bashing (although I'd LOVE more of those), the show has evolved into commentary about life, not just about life as it was "back in the day." Funny, poignant, and on topic with today, M and L care about the quality of show they produce, both in content and audio. These guys know how to entertain and have turned their show into a great business, showcasing other talented podcasters through their RELM Network partnership with the legendary Buzz Burbank. Keep it up, boys. You're doing it right!! ABQ Dan

This is a show about absolutely nothing.

I've been listening since the beginning and the show has really evolved into a revolving, ensemble cast of characters. It's friendly, nostalgic silliness. If you're a child of the 80's or acted like a child during the 80's, you'll appreciate their humor. If you're even younger than that, they'll send you scrambling to Youtube and Wikipedia.

Still Loving You Guys!

Marc & Lowell are great! I've loved every episode!

Favorite podcast - like hanging out with friends

There's something very unique about this podcast, in a good way. When you listen you feel like you are hanging out with good friends who have a great sense of humor. Even if I'm stressed out when I start listening, I'm always in a much better mood when it's done. Great show, boys.

Jewish Beavis and Butthead

Very funny show. Love all the friends that come along for the ride too. Lowell brings his broadcasting talents and Marc well..... ummmmmm he's good too. haha I look forward to every show. Keep up with the skirt maintenance! Peeeeooooweeeeee

Marc & Lowell's Excellant Adventure

Have been a loyal listener to Marc since TMOS and this week in O'Mearamerica and know enjoying listening to all the weekly events with "TV Weatherman personility" Lowell Melser. The Show gets better with each episode and is great entertainment as Marc and Lowell invite us listeners to partake of thier friendship growing up together and all the excellant adventures with family, friends, and day to day encounters. Thanks Guys!


installment #136 you guys play a segment of Jim Gaffigan's standup routine, the one about Cinnabon. Have you heard Louis CK's routine on Cinnabon? Just wondering if anyone ever suggested one of the two stole the material.

Still Awesome

I look forward to M and L every week. It’s a great show that will put a smile on your face. It’s like hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. Keep up the good work Marc, Lowell, and RELM. Trey, Wilmington, NC

Two funny guys

You may need a few footnotes/endnotes at first, but once you catch up to the backstories behind some of their expressions, you should be able to find them hilarious. It's observational humor that's never political or mean-spirited. Just as Bing Crosby made singing like Bing Crosby seem easy, Marc and Lowell sound like two guys just sitting around shooting the breeze, yet produce consistently entertaining shows.

Great show!

I really enjoy the genuineness of the show! Big fan!

Pro Toe Jays

An evaluation from of comedy by two best friends. They talk about everything from good ole times to daily happen stance. Give it some time and you quickly learn all their catch phrases.

Keeps me laughing

Love listening to these two-loved Marc from day one on the other show and have grown to like Lowell even though he whines sometimes. Love all the family stories-girlfriend, wife, daughter, sister, new baby-your stories just make me smile and laugh.

More Fun Than UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightBASelectStart

The flagship podcast of the fast-growing hot-talk RELM network, life-long friends Marc and Lowell bring their years of DC/Baltimore business and television experience to a rich world of Gen-X sensibility and playfulness, featuring fellow RELM podcasters like legendary broadcasters Buzz Burbank and Kirk McEwen, comedian Mariya Alexander, and now the great Don Geronimo! .

They have their moments

That's educainment!

Marc and Lowell cured my hemorrhoids.

That just about says it all.

Marc and Lowell...You Rock!

Have listened since the first episode and will continue just to listen in on two long time friends chatting about humorus views of their lives today while also discussing cool things from 20K, the 1990's, and the 1980's. Also enjoy listening to a podcast with no discussions on politics.

What a pooper duper show!

From day one I've been a loyal listener. From bathroom to bathroom, these lads never cease to thrill. Lots of friends along the way that have all added much to the broadcast (well, except that B.S. fella). Honestly a great podcast. Quality humor at each other's expense can only be as true as this when you grow up together. Lots of laughs on this end and the premium shows don't disappoint. Do yourself a favor and dig in to a bowl of meter-pegging calamari bung! Bring back teen-toe! Love you guys! Steve

Turn Down the Amplifier

Marc and Lowell are awesome it is great to listen to them a few times a week. Throw Jonah into the mix and you have a party. MLJ knows how to entertain. I can not write a more glowing review!!!!!!!!!!! Listen Now!!!!!!!!!!

Just Hilarious!

These guys are awesome. I rarely laugh out loud at podcasts, but I seem to do it at least once every episode with these two. Some of the funniest parts are when Lowell complains about restaurants because I think we have all been there at some point. What else is great about this podcast you say? Well, Marc is funny as well, and the smattering of guest appearances round it all out. Do not skip on these two. Keep it up guys!

Like coming home

Listening to these guys chit chat is like having two friends sitting in your living room for coffee. Love the relaxed format and the lifelong familiarity.

No reason.

Why do I love Marc and Lowell? I just love listening to these long-time friends talk, often taking me on a walk down memory lane with them. More importantly, there's no politics and plenty of fart jokes. Peeoooeeee!

Episode 95 killed!

The show has seen an increase in energy lately and the episode with Justin was the best yet. Keep it up, fellas!

New listener

Heard Lowell on 98Rock- "pop off yo pop off" could easily replace Spiegel! I heard about the show and finally checked it out after Marc was on the Kirk and Al show! You guys are awesome

Wow !! Getting Better Every Show !!!

Just Listened to Por PreeMium Show#13 .. Best Show by far. They make you feel like one of the guys.Your Camp stories are gold. Keep up the good work Relm network.

THE Marc and Lowell Show

I really enjoy THE show! I'll go out on a limb and say that I enjoy it even more than THE previous show Marc was on. I listen in THE car, THE shower, even making a poopie on THE toilet. There's only one thing I don't like about THE show. It makes me want to stab myself in THE eyes with a pair of rusty scissors!


Marc and Lowell are adorable dorks. I am hooked and all in. I enjoy the Por-Pree shows too. I can't get enough of these two. Keep it up boys.

Definitely not a fan.

I've been listening since show one and find myself looking forward to every show when it pops up on my iPod. The banter the MandL have reminds me of the times I would be hanging out with my friends back in high school and college just hanging out and having a cup of coffee or tea. Keep up the good content and Pee o Eee.

No more alitanement (sp)

Please stop with the alitanement. Originally you said it was supposed to be a quick update but now it is taking up half a show. I love all of the other content, and have been listening since the beginning.

Great show, minor quibbles

Been listening since the fateful first few vodka-laden episodes, and have enjoyed it greatly ever since. Lots of fun stories and neither Marc nor Lowell take things too seriously. Always a down to earth, enjoyable program. My main issue is that all the stories that we have heard of since the earliest episodes are now only revealed on the pay episodes. Now while I don't mind premium content, I feel this is a cheap ploy to get people to buy the premium show. Also, for the love of god, fix the intro. The double Lowell Melser sounds amateur and just plain bad.

Por Pree-mium needs to change

I love this show so I don't want to take any stars away, but the Por Pree-mium shows are not working. They feel like the Buzz Burbank Knows-it-All Hour. We don't need a Dear Buzz column when we come for MandL. Also, the constant pushing to support the show financially is a little heavy handed.