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The podcast that puts a smile on my face!

With each episode, the show gets better and better. It truly is like listening to two of your old friends talking about their day, and it's just so enjoyable. I predict great success for them!!

Pure enjoyment guaranteed.

I'm proud to say I have been with these guys since the 1st marshmallow vodka ladened episode. Marc and Lowell found their stride within just a couple of shows, and have been running strong ever since. I am not the first to say this and definitely won't be the last, listening to the Marc and Lowell show gives you the feeling of getting to hang out with a couple of old friends. They have some inside jokes/stories, but they are great at divulging the stories and jokes in an entertaining way, further making you feel like you're one of the group, (something that Shackman has been trying for since the start.). If you haven't heard this podcast you will find yourself hooked within a couple of episodes. Start at the beginning, you'll be flying through these contagious older episodes and caught up with the rest of us faster than you can say, "the Marc and who?" Then YOU TOO will be part of the MANDL family. Thanks guys for all you do.

Gloriously Jewish

Love M and L. They remind me of my fathers side of the family, all wonderfully Jewish and kibitzing over all sorts of stuff. Keep it up guys!

Wanting More

Love the show. Since adding 2 more shows a week things have been getting better fast. Always look forward to the next one and wondering what are the boys going to share next. The more we are left hanging for wanting more minutes and more contet the better the show. Way to go and keep up the golden waves of audible love.

It Takes Chutzpah

MmHyello, Boyz! Long-time Listener, never been a Fan. I just worked up enough chutzpah to buy my 1st quarterly subscription on RELM. Now the fear sets in as I wait for my wife to grill me about my online purchase. Maybe I can tell her I was trying to buy SILVER for Solitaire Blitz. Naah . . . she'll never believe it. She knows I'm a Happy Camper with the Marc & Lowell Show. Keep up the good work, Boyz. RussMan103 Baton Rouge, LA

He's coming in, He's coming in!

This is podcast gold! perhaps one of the greatest installments of the MandL show. So good, I listened twice It was really hard to keep my composure in a quiet office, tears were literally rolling down my face as I struggled to stifle my laughter. Keep up the good work guys! Been there since the first drunken show and i keep coming back.

Great Show

You guys are doing great I love the show keep up the great work!!! Thank You

Pete speaker 5000

I freaking laugh so hard when Lowell does the Pete or teen toe voice. The show sounds great. My week is not complete without this show. I spend a lot of time with my headphones in st work so the more shows the better. Keep it up guys! Pee OOO EEE!!

Funny Show!!!

I can't stop laughing with these guys. I always look forward to each podcast, and now I'm signed up for the Por-Pre show. Keep up the good work, guys! :)

35 in a row

I just caught up on episode 25 thru 60. I am the type that has to listen to everything in order. I was skeptical with the switch to there own network and leaving the comfortable fold, but I have bought in to the fact that they can make it on their own. I miss the interaction on TMOS, but they will succeed as the show is still a solid 5.

The OFFICIAL podcast of iTunes

Best podcast on iTunes. Great move guys, the RELM network is the future of all radio. Keep up the funny, and keep bringing on guests. PEE-O-WEE!!!

Growing show -new network!

I began listening to this show on its debut. It had very rough take off in the first few shows but now it seems to be flying level with wonderful stories, awkward moments, and real world chemistry among all of them. With the newest conception of their "network" the show's sound quality is getting better with each show. New additional cast members of RJ and Buzz Burbank are a nice mix between Marc and Lowell. This show doesn't express a political view of worldly events which is often nice to listen to our day to day grime. Take a listen and I think you'll enjoy this show.

Listen, dammit! Listen!

So good to have 3 shows a week now. These guys are funny. So funny, it'll make you plotz. Listen to the show. If you don't, L-O-W-E-L-L will cry like a little French girl. Not a dig, but a scientific fact.

Always a fun show!

If you are an 8-bit, potty humor child of the 80's, you will LOVE this show. (You know who you are!) But actually, the comedy isn't limited to Pac-Man scores or pranks from their days at camp. It's also about their everyday mishaps and adventures. Listen in if you need a good laugh!

Great job.

I started listening to this show just a couple weeks ago and am hooked. You two do a great job putting together a podcast and keep the listeners entertained. I bought my not-por-pree episode this morning and enjoyed it a lot. RJ - though I'm sure an incredibly nice guy in person and technically savy, please do not give him a mic. Not trying to be harsh, just honest, in that he doesn't add anything during conversations. He's a great behind the scenes guy. Not-Por-Pree Episode - You teased that you would provide more details about Marc's split from TMOS but nothing was mentioned. That was one of the reasons I bought the episode, so I was disapointed. I imagine it's awkward to talk about but this inside radio type stuff is what your P1's love. If you're going to tease it, please follow through, otherwise I'll save my money and just listen to the pree episodes.

Stone cold laugh riot

Marc and Lowell are a stone cold laugh riot. As friends for over 25 years, the inside jokes have piled up. And when they let us all in on their shortcomings, jokes, video game shenanigans and moments that forge their friendships, we feel as though we were there, as well. We all have friends like this, which makes their banter all the more relatable. From Lowell’s restaurant gripes to Marc’s obsession with everything “feek,” these two outstanding storytellers have helped me laugh my way through some rough times. I’m just relieved to discover that I’m not the only one who found such joy recording his farts as a kid.


Marc & Lowell are a breath of fresh error after finally leaving the bully at the Mike O'Meara show. They sound more comfortable and better than ever. Forming an alliance with Buzz Burbank was the smartest move they could make. The last straw for me regarding the TMOS show was when Robb took a dig at Marc, Lowell, RJ, and Buzz. So unprofessional and immature. Long live the RELM Network!

Listener #3 is Still Pleased

The show continues to get stronger! So many "likes" on Faceyspace and 300,000+ downloads Should tell you that these tribesmen are no joke. I'm proud to be one of those who can say I've been there from the beginning. Give them a listen and you will be hooked. I've turned a lot of friends onto MANDL, and I've started hearing the catch phrases already. My buddy recently told me a story referencing his "pegged-meter" without skipping a beat. Independence, multiple shows a week starting in July, tee shirts and "merch" tells me I will be able to enjoy these guys for a long time to come! Keep em comin', fellas! Pee-o-wee Steve, Eldersburg, MD

The Baltimore Bubeleh Brothers!

A Limerick: Marc and Lowell, they're two lifelong friends. One starts sentences and the other one ends. Their podcast is great. C'mon, don't you hate.. Great fun and laughter is what the show sends.

Gerd Gerd Gerd..Gerd is the word..

They may not own all the buildings in Baltimore but the Marc and Lowell show is funny. So funny you'll slip in your dad's house upstairs and put your red sneaker through the ceiling's insulation. Every week, or 10 days or anytime skype decides to work, download this podcast. El Oh Double You E El El..that's the place for meeee! smookee!

BEST Podcast out there!!!!!!!!

These two have great chemistry. I feel like I am part of the group listening to all of their stories. They are effortlessly hilarious!!!!! I have listened to them all and going back for round two. I have loaded this show to my husband's new iPod. I am going to listen to them all from the start. I want to experience the marshmallow vodka goodness along with him. :) POE..... P.S. Lowell - I laughed at the carrots. :)

Show 60 was the best yet

The boys had everything on this one: craps tables, a Shack story without any actual Shack, vintage kids' PSAs, and lots of Lowell complaining. I also loved the 8-bit theme. This one was out of the park!

My new favorite!

What a fun podcast... nothing controversial, political, insulting or embarrassing! Love this podcast... give it a listen & you will be hooked!

Appointment podcasting...

...when they release their shows on time ;). Always hilarious and leave you wanting for more, the decidedly Jewish Marc and Lowell host one of the best podcasts on the Internet today. They make you feel like they're your two best friends when they let you in on all of their little inside jokes, even for a goy like me. I practically feel like I grew up going to camp with them! I think what I like most about the show is it still feels a bit homegrown and it never takes itself too seriously, something that I think TMOS should take note of. In fact, I would be remiss if I didn't recommend Marc permanently take Buzzie's old seat. When I was 11 or 12 and listening to the Don and Mike show for the first time, my childhood best friend and I aspired to make a radio show one day, but you two beat us too it, this is exactly what we would've ended up doing and I love it. Enough about TMOS, more about MandL. Don't let the haters dictate what happens on the show. Shack, Jamie, et all? Put them on as little or as often as you want, it's YOUR show and so far you two have done a fine job steering the ship. Everyone that I have had listen to The MandL Show ends up getting hooked, and the next thing you know, you start getting drunken late night text messages that simply read "Peeowee!!!". Keep up the good work you two, you have a listener for life.


You will realize you hit the jackpot with each listen. Pee-ooo-eee!

A show I look forward to listening to

I became a dedicated listener just before Shackmen was banned from ever coming on again. Every episode makes me laugh especially my favorite episode, the plumber's apprentice, describing the geyser of poo. Keep it up and don't stop the toilet humor.


The two of you have great chemistry. Your long friendship translates well on the show. Keep up the great work on Theeeee Marc and Lowell show. Peee oooo eeeei. Paul Towsley

Feaking great!!

One of my favorite sources of levity. Two guys with really interesting lives who still choose to focus on snacks and poo. I replayed the "Fireside Chat" show 3 times! Pay no attention to the haters-- They just don't get it!!

Great Podcast!!

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to at work! This podcast will unhinge your jaw and make you laugh out loud! If you like the Mike O'Meara show then you will love the Marc and Lowell show!!

A Card for These Cards

Aces! I have listened to every podcast this pair has done. Some are pretty good, and most are great. But Episode 55 is a new all time high! The old greating card with "MandLisms" is fodder for this walk down nostalgia lane with two best friends. And what could be more appropriate for two former Don & Mike interns than to blow through a scheduled break time to finish a story. Hilarious! SMOAKn.