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The Best MORE Broadcasting has to offer!

Excellent podcast! Give me more. 90+ minutes of Marc and Lowell dealing with a Jamie. Yes! To all those who are complaining about it I say, EAT IT MOTHER F'er! PEEOOEE!!

Momma's Angel and the weatherman

These guys always make me laugh. They are like fine wine-they only get better with age. Friendly, down to earth and relatable. That is why they are my go to pod cast! Pee O Eee!

It's a show

It's funny. Listen. Podcast Of Entertainment. (POE).

Pee Oh Eeee?

These two guys are a welcome throwback to the old "guy-talk" radio format that is so sadly absent from the airwaves these days. Personally, I could do with a little less Jamie (she's nearly as bad as Shackman, in my opinion) but The Marc and Lowell Show is part of my required weekly listening. I've listened since the beginning, and I'm glad to say that these two guys have become two of my favorites in all of podcasting (right below The Mike O'Meara Show).

Pick a day, any day but please pick one.

Guys i love the show, Lowell is really funny and Marc has a great line every now and then...not really he's funny too. Could you pick a regular day to release the podcast? Please!

Better than what I thought it was going to be

I was hesitant on downloading the show, but I was in need of something to listen to while I was at work. So I downloaded the most recent 6 episodes, and boy was I surprised. It was better than what I thought it was going to be. I am very disappointed in myself for not listening from the start. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I am currently destroying my toilet as I write this review.

poo ewww eee

I thought I had it bad. Lowell literally has an S storm on his hands. Great job guys as always.

I am interested in what they have to say.

If you get into these guys, you will be happy whenever they post a new show. It's important to remember that they do this just because they enjoy it. As far as I know, there is no monetary reward for them at the end of the podcast. I love to hear about their experiences, they have a lot of cool stuff going on, but because they are not d-bags, I don't feel as though they are bragging. ( Marc: I'd love to hear more about what you did before TMOS. Lowell: How did you choose T.V. journalism? )

Deliciously addictive

Like a favorite candy, MandL are really an addictive guilty pleasure. They are just like the guys I always hung out with (and dated) in school. There are always laughs. They rarely ever drift into heavy or serious topics. The chemistry they have is dynamic and fun. You can just sit back, laugh, and enjoy. Love it!

Excellent podcast

Marc and Lowell keep me laughing consistently at my desk at work. They are very relatable, funny, and easy to listen to. I feel like I was there when they re-tell most of their stories, probably because I have grown up much the same and act similar in similar situations. If you're in a situation like mine where your friends all live far away, make some new friends in Marc and Lowell. Also you may find yourself like me and play the "Peeeoooeee" game by yourself in public drawing the attention and quizzical looks from complete strangers. Keep up the excellent work and keep the laughs coming. -Chris Beard, cousin of animator Aaron Lamb

I never listen to the Marc & Lori show!

One of my favorite PodCasts ... I look forward to it dropping each week(ish). I'm a longtime fan of TMOS. MandL are a great companion to the flagship. I guess you could say you are like the nice fat friend of the popular kid that everyone likes! Seriously, I love what you do each and every week, even with the Skype issues it's totally worth the listen and subscription!

Grows on you like a fungus!

A little odd. A little disturbing. It's like hanging out with those weird high schools friends you never thought would make it to adulthood. Hilarious!

I never listen to the Marc and Larry Show

I look forward to this show dropping every week. Great chemistry between two old friends. Enjoy the content, whether it's about old video games, diarrhea, or Lowell's horrible hipster waiters. Keep the shows coming! Peeoooeee!

Episode 49 was a jewel

What you thought was a disaster was so perfectly Shackman. I would not have wanted a Shackman appearance to go any other way. Love the show.

The Marc and who

This show pegs my meter every time...seriously after I listen to an episode the runs get me, which is a plus for me since i suffer from chronic constipation.

Mmm, hello boys...

Fantastic every week. I've found myself quoting them several times, even forcing friends to listen to the dook stories. Pee ooo wee, Diarrhea.


Still fecal.


That's it - just awesome.

Genuine Ingenuity

There's not a single episode that I haven't found funny since #1.This show is not perfect, nor do I expect it to be. There are all kinds of funny gems to be heard while listening. Marc & Lowell really play off each other well. It is so funny when they pick on each other. This show isn't fancy or overproduced, it's more pure & natural, and you can tell these guys are genuine and shamelessly being themselves, which is why it's fun to listen to. There is a LOT of toilet humor, so if that's not your bag I dont recommend it. I like the stories about camp, stories about Lowell going out to eat, the dating stories, and when they reference old school video games I have tried a lot of the "what we're into" things they discuss each episode, like the pop chips, marshmellow vodka, & cuties & enjoyed them. They talk about a lot of random & funny stuff, like how artificial calamari is pig bung, funny noises from old video games-"Peee Oh Wee", funny old commercials "bowl of Duke's", Keurigs & iPads.. It's like listening in on a couple of old friends talk about their lives and memories. They sometimes bring on old friends or family members. Poor Schackman, lol. (He isn't allowed on the show anymore for some reason). I give it 5 stars. If you like it, I recommend listening from the beginning to be "in" on more of the jokes. Keep it coming, guys. You rock.


Mandl. Getting better all the time. (how's that for back handed compliments) I really enjoy Baltimore TVs version of a Swiss army knife and Germantown's favorite son cracking wise. Keep up the good work. More Robb more Jaime

Diaper Dootie!!

Love the show!! My mother was changing my daughters diaper the other day and said PEE OOO EE at the smell!! I died laughing!! She has no idea what a podcast is, so it was easier to just let her think I was crazy for laughing at a stinky diaper!!

its good. It's fine.

It's a nice little show you boys have. If you are fans of the league, you are friends of mine.

Great guest!

Keep the weekly shows coming! Pee oooo wee

With just a over a year

The Marc and Lowell Show has gone from not that bad to great. Marc and Lowell have a longtime friendship that gives the show a unique chemistry. They tell entertaining behind the scene stories from thier personal and professional lives. The show covers a wide range of topics such as pop culture, television, and sports. Keep up the good work boys.




Huge fan of TMOS.. & being one of the host of the JunkiesP1 podcast shameless plug.. I love the chemistry of these 2 Donks. Def make me Laff keep up the great work!! Paulieflix

Hullo Boys!

welcome back from your suspension!

Love you guys!

I cannot stop laughing at Lowell's story of Teentoe the 45 year old man with a 15 year old toe. I'm so glad you guys are back! Love you long time!


If Marc and Lowell were a breakfast drink, I'd enjoy a cool glass every week.

Another not fan listener

These guys have a million listeners and not one fan... and I am glad to listen each and every time... PEE OOH EEE