Season 3 Coming SOON!


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I love this podcast! These guys were born to be friends and born to do this.

Great Start!!

Great first show and I know that it will only get better! Keep the dream alive Marc!

So proud. So proud.

Another good one from MORE. Marc should drink less.


Enjoyed the Podcast guys. Look forward to learning more about sex camp.

Can't miss it

Two good friends, sharing great stories. Reminds me of when I get together with my friends.

Great Show!!!!!

Really enjoyed the show, looking forward to the next ones. Definately great addition to the MORE Broadcasting!

GREAT addition to the network

Marc and Lowell are funny. Can't wait for episode two!

Nice addition

A nice addition to the TMOS Broadcasting family. Great to hear the stories of their long friendship. I look forward to hearing much more from these two.

Fun pair

Marshmallow vodka never sounded so funny. If it's a MORE Broadcast, I'm listening.

These guys are great!

Marc and Lowell are a breath of fresh air for people tired by the same old Mike O'Meara Show. TMOS is fine, but I am looking forward to more of this!