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MORE Family

This is a great addition to the MORE family!

Great w/ no alcohol

Love the show. It's a work in progress but still something I will definitely add to my list of must listen to shows. I'm not sure if I'm feeling that Horshack (or whatever his name is) guy that they seem to be stuff down our throats.

Definitely worth your time!

Marc and Lowell is what podcasting has been waiting for. Two long-time friends tell great stories from their past as well as what is going on currently in their lives. Marc is a really talented non-broadcasting non-comedian. He doesn't try to be something he's not, and that helps make him who he is. Lowell is a Baltimore weather guy with an affinity for the spotlight, though he is no diva. He is obviously an intelligent guy with none of the geekiness that one might think a weatherman would possess. Get in at the beginning and enjoy the journey!

Funny and interesting

Great show guys! I have to say Lowell is a brilliant story teller. He keeps it interesting and funny. I know Marc can tell a good one too, like the iPad theft one he told on TMOS. Keep up the great work! :)

good podcast

it's entertaining, these two guys have good chemistry and are funny.

Hilarious show!

Listening to a show from two guys who grew up as fans of "talk radio" and then hearing them get to do their own podcast, I was worried at first. Would they sound like professionals? No, they don't and it's a good thing. it's fun hearing two guys who know how to communicate, have chemsitry and listen as they learn to develop their own podcast chops. It is as entertaining as the stories they tell. The production values are really good. They have production elements for their show, such as openings, breaks, etc which lots of shows often lack. I really can't wait to listen as this show grows and develops. This show is great. It succeeds where 99% of all shows fail. IT'S FUNNY and the people on it are LIKABLE.

A Must Listen

They improve with each podcast. They definitely tell stories we can all relate to. Very funny.

Love them

What a great TMOS spinoff.

Found their voice

After years of being friends and wanting more... No seriously, these two life long friends have finally produced a talk show the proves to be interesting and entertaining. I look forward to seeing what they are capable of in the future editions of their show.


Marc, dont let the guys get you down .. The show is Awesome and i plan to download them all...oh and Danny Chang ESSADEE !!

Menasha and Lowell Show

It should be called The Menasha and Lowell Show!

Awesome Show

Great show. I almost started crying when Lowell told Siri to take a dump. Keep 'em coming.


Cut back on the marshmallow vodka and you could end up being a professional broadcaster.

Mike O'Meara has Another Hit on his hands!

Two more students from the school of O'Mearica University. It was a really good listen, to hear how these guys got started in the industry via the old Don and Mike show. I look forward to more stories and fun in the future. Way to go Marc and Lowell!

Great Show

I have known these guys for many years. The do have chemistry and provide a very entertaining hour.

Great show

This is a great show with stories of everyday life with a twist.

These Guys Are a Hoot

Two old friends busting on each other, great stories, marshmellow vodka - an addictive combination.

Looking Forward to More

I've enjoyed the first two episodes, and can only imagine how much better they will be once Marc gets his jitters out of the way! Less drinking, more just being yourselves and it's gonna be great. A few D&M behind-the-scene stories won't hurt either. Looking forward to this show's "10 Millionth Download Party", in 2022 :)

Lowell is amazing!!!

Lowell is quite the talented broadcaster. I remember him back in the Don & Mike days when he was one of the Menendez Brothers. I wonder if he ever kept in touch with his fellow intern...

Great addition to the MORE Family

Loved the first episode. Listening to the second later this weekend.


Another MORE Broadcasting hit!

Pure Entertainment

Marshmallow Ronick & Lowell the Professional are absolutely laugh out loud funny! Can't wait to hear more from this amusing duo! Thank you MORE Broadcasting for another entertaining show!

A Kosher show even a Goy can enjoy!

Marc and Lowell have a hit on their hands. I really have enjoyed both of the episodes and look forward to more humor, stories and Shackman. Keep up the good work and hopefully in time you will find a board-op that doesn't hit the Mashmallow Vodka while running the board :)


You're off to a good start guys, more Brian dating stories, they're instant classics


Somebody please tell Moisha to lay off the Manischewitz. He's already starting off at a disadvantage because he's not an experienced broadcaster, but than he gets blitzed to the point that he's slurring and has to be reprimanded by Lowell on air for drinking too much before the show. I love the content but it's hard to listen to the slurring, or even worse, the slowed down carefull drunk speach that isn't fooling anyone. This is your shot at your own show, take it serious.

Is the sports talk really necessary?

Good show. I'm excited to watch it grow. Is the sports talk really necessary?

Awesome addition to the MORE Broadcasting Network

If you like The Mike O'Meara Show and/or This Week In O'Mearica, then you will love this podcast. Since Marc and Lowell have known each other for a long time, they have a great on-air chemistry.