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Marc and Lowell

The show is pretty funny and you guys have a natural chemistry. While Shackman is widely acknowledged as a tool bag and he tries his level best to bring down the show, his presence is limited and under the tightest control. The only thing that would make the show better is if Marc would dress in a more professional manner.

great show

I listen to many podcasts and the Mand L is one I go to as soon as it is posted. I enjoy the way they play off one another as only old friends can pull off. I would like to hear more of their take on the days topics as they evolving into a first rate show. However, Shack is just a more articulate Dennis Murphy, the only difference is it makes me feel bad to hate a criple.

Great show reminds me of a old D & M bit

I love the show. I've listened to every one though it does remind me of the D & M show bit Jew 2 Jew. Jew 2 Jew was one of my favorites.

Great show

Keep it up guys

This podcast ain't bad at all

Of all the podcasts hosted by two Jew-"ish" young fellows in the Baltimore-Washington area, this is easily in the top twenty. Marc and Lowell seem to be really hitting their stride in the last few episodes, especially since they both decided to remain mostly sober throughout each show. If you ever feel bad about your life, just listen to their friend Schackman tell you how he struggles with everyday things like going to the doctor and talking to women--it will make you feel much smarter. Can't wait to hear more, gents. It almost makes me forget one of you isn't a broadcast professional.


The Marc and Lowel show is awesome… Which is to say a lot better than a big bowl of okay. Keep bringing the funny, and will keep spreading the word about all of the great shows on More Broadcasting!!!

Great Show

A great addition to the More Broadcasting family. Funny, insightful and very entertaining!! Never let it be said that these men are not professional broadcasters!

Very entertaining!

Marc and Lowell are a great duo - lots of fun to listen to. Thanks for making me laugh!!

Great job!

You guys are really getting your groove on. Great stories and chemistry.

This is simply a great podcast

Heard from a friend about this podcast. Not familiar with MIke O'meara Show, but will listen now. Marc and Lowell remind me of me and my friends. You guys should do a show everyday. Keep up the good work!

One of the best podcasts!

Along with the Mike O'Meara show it shines.....wouldn't miss an episode!

Great show!

Great show!

Great Show

A funny addition to the TMOS family, I look forward to the funny with every download

Flaps Bone.

Marc & Lowell are amazing! I laugh for basically the entire hour. They make normal life events hysterical. This is a reminder of the quality podcasts that you can find amidst a sea of mediocre. I am hooked and won't miss an episode. And if I do miss one, well then wah bah bah bah, wee bee bee bee..... Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Very Entertaining! Love it!

This show is what a podcast is all about! It's entertaining and funny and it flies by! I wish it was longer!!! Keep up the good work!

Love the show!

Great stories from two old friends

This show is a hit

You guys make my work-days fly by with this show. Keep up the great work.

Keeps me going!

Awesome show — worth every battery draining minute! Both Marc and Lowell are hilarious, and they know how to keep the audience entertained. Thanks for making my work day better! Now off to find a flippin' phone charger...

Great show

Another great show from MORE Broadcasting. Love the show and keep them coming


Broadcasting Network has another hit! Love the show guys. Keep it up!

Please drop this week in omerica

That show blows. This show is cool!

Good stuff

Marc is crazy funny and Lowell's not too shabby


Way to go guys!!

Two Funny Guys

This is a great show. They have good stories about their friendship and lives.

Hark! LOL! It

With even more addiction potential than marshmallow vodka, these dudes bring the funny as only two old buds can. Missing a single podcast is out of the question; this one's now one of my all-time favorites. More Schackman, s'il vous plaît - he's earned a cameo or six.

Marc, Get some help!

Very good show. Marc reminds me of a Jewish Amy Winehouse. Hopefully he reaches his potential before....

Give it a listen

As podcast go, this one is new, fresh, not scripted and just a breath of fresh air. Two guys breaking balls and just yapping about the glory days. Marc is just so dry it's funny. Lowell is a pro but doesn't act like one. Great show guys!

Off to a great start

Show is starting to hit its stride. Fun to listen to them both talk and tell stories. Mark sounds better...not as slow or slurred with the third episode. Another great product from MORE broadcasting. I love the intro by Buzz, sets the tone just right. Keep em coming.

Great addition to Mike Omera's network

Just don't let Marc drink before or during a show.

Keeps on getting better

A really good podcast that's working hard and it's paying off. Marc and lowell are wonderful, not to mention it's great for those who miss the days when radio was great. Thankfully we have more broadcasting. Listen and love