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I love the show!

If skype would work when they call someone the show could be better.. who am I kidding, we should be glad it keeps dropping Schackman's calls! anyways, this show is great. give it a listen and you will be hooked.. eventually..


Fun show, much in the manner of the Mike Omeara show... great addition!

Great spin off of the Mike O

If you like the Mike O'Meara show and Marc's contributions, you will enjoy this show. You can tell that Marc and Lowell are long time friends and they have great stories to tell.

awesome podcast!

at first i was a little skeptical of this podcast. but after the first couple of shows, I decided that I love Marc and Lowell. they have great chemistry and they're really funny w/o trying too hard. this has become one of my new favorite podcasts!

Great Entertainment

It's a fun hour .... always entertaining; I listen while walking the dogs; M and L will put a smile on your face, too!



Great show but I think it needs more Robb.

This is the Messiah of Podcasts. It is the Podcast you have been waiting for!!! I really enjoy listening to this show. It is a great extension to the Mike O'Meara show. I just have to wonder, if Robb Spewak was subbing for Lowell, would we all be able to tell the difference?

They really found their groove!

Very entertaining. Almost like Bert & Ernie all grown up.

Weatherman & Mike O'Meara's right hand man

You guys have reached your comfort zone with your podcast and it makes for good listening. I was on the fence after the first few episodes because I thought Lowell was a little snarky (calm down owell it gets better). I continued to listen because I wanted to support Ronick (as any true TMOS fan should) and I have an appreciation for Lowell's sense of humor and sarcasim. It's like being at a class reunion listening to stories from the class clowns...except it wasn't class it was sex camp! LOL Love the show guys. Keep up the great work. Esssaadeee

The Jewish version of Don and Mike

These guys are entertaining but I almost rated the podcast one star just for the ridiculous comments Lowell recently made about the new iPad. It's only out of my respect for Marc, as a SEMI-PROFESSIONAL broadcaster, that I still gave you guys 5 stars. The new iPad not having Flash is not a criticism. It's a feature! Flash is dead and rapidly being replaced with HTML5 across the entire web. All Flash does is slow down your device and reduce battery performance to display ads no one really wants or needs to see. The only people that really complain about the lack of Flash are Flash developers. Once Lowell sees the retina display first hand, he'll change his tune. As far as Shack, he's not quite a show stopper but he's best used sparingly. It's not like you have 3 hours to fill so you guys don't need your own version of Dennis Murphy or Tom Gavin. The camp stories are entertaining on their own and you could have Shack on like once a month or so it doesn't become over done.

Great Job!

It's a weather man and Eric Ronick's brother. I'd like to hear more about Bolivian weather patterns and Black Gold music reviews. Keep up the okay work fellas.

Run Forrest, Run!

Guys have hit their stride. Good stuff.

Required listening

Great stories, good laughs, and a sprinking of Shackman. Hopefully it will not peg your meter. Required weekly listening. You gonna love it!

Great Show

I love this show starting after episode 3. Listening to them reminds me of sitting around with my best buds and busting balls, which always makes me laugh. While their occasional guest Shackman is terrible, listening to Lowell crush Shack is totally worth it. More Shack...bashing.

Great show!

I look forward to the show every week!

The last two shows had me laughing out loud...

I love the old commercials that are local to your area, and today, listening to the March 2 show, with the ATT recording I was laughing so hard, you two are getting a good rapport going on the podcast. I am enjoying it very much. And I am a huge fan of Key and Peele, keep the humor quotient high gentlemen, it is getting good!

More Shakman stories

Very entertaining show, Sometimes a little corny (Bwa…Bwa..Bwaaaaa gets used too much sometimes) But still funny. I think we need more Shakman so the listeners have someone to bash on! Keep on keeping on guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun show!

Solid podcast. Great audio quality. The 1 hour format is perfect. Most voices are clean and easy to hear. The sex camp worries me. Marc and Lowell are honest and entertaining.

Favorite new podcast

The chemistry between Marc and Lowell makes for great entertainment. Lowell can really tell a story and Marc has a clumsy, loveable wit. I can't wait to hear what else they bring us in the future.

Love it

Love it

Menendez Bros Rise Again

Great budding podcast. Loving the expansion of the MORE Broadcasting family. When do we get the streaming station on ITunes or some other station with all the shows on time slots. Marc and Lowell are really developing a good show. Good segments and improving quality. I'm burnt on the risk benefit ratio of Shackman, it's only a momentarily laugh occasionally after an extended babble. Whether or not you tried other MORE Broadcasting shows, definitely check this and the other shows out.

Totally Kosher!

A really interesting show because not only are they funny, but you can tell they are friends and love busting each other's chops. They do it pretty well too. Only issue is that I would love more D&M stories. After all, it's that part of their lives that allowed them to even have this podcast. The inside-joke stories are funny, I'm just want a little more to relate too. Gotta meter has spiked...

More than Okay

After hearing about the marshmallow vodka show, I decided I needed to check the Marc and Lowell show out. I'm really happy I did! They're funny and their friendship creates a smooth flow in their conversations. I'm always so surprised that the show is wrapping up because I feel like I just started listening. Time flies when you're listening to fun I suppose! Two thumbs up!


I listened to the show in its entirty for the first time today it was on my Ipod because the Mike O'meara show and found it quite enjoyable...I have subscribed !!! So keep it comin. The only criticism would be Lowell's diatribe about his bowel's but I enjoyed the commercials "ancient chinese secret !!!!! HuH" brought back so many memories !!!!!!

Love this Show!

Marc & Lowell bring the funny every week! Really dig this show.

More Schack!

Please? He makes me feel better about myself. I need that.

MandL-iciously funny!

I really love the MandL show. I'm a huge TMOS fan and I wanted to check this show out because I think Marc is funny, whenever they let him have mic time that is. I just didn't know if it would translate on his own show. Well I am pleased to say that Marc and the other host Lowell put out a great podcast. Who cares if only one of them is a professional broadcaster! It was quite a revelation when I realized that they were the 'Menendez Brothers' from the old Don and Mike show. Wow! Marc and Lowell somehow translate 20+ years of friendship, inside jokes, sex camp and 'The Shack' in to a very funny hour every week. They singlehandedly raise the bar for the buddy-comedy podcast category. Keep up the great work guys.

Good podcast

Tuned in to the show after hearing about it on TMOS. I'm really enjoying the banter between Marc and Lowell who are obviously lifelong friends. The stories are very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

Two Friends Non-Stop Laughs

Marc and Lowell keep us laughing by sharing great stories from their past and present lives including occasional call in's from their friends. The stories are funny, and the chemistry between these two friends is oustanding. You will find yourself laughing along with them as the make observations on current events or bust each others chops on what they are currently into, Great job guys. Keep up the good work. And that last espisode by the way. Best one ever.