The Marc and Lowell Show

Marc is not a broadcaster.....

and Lowell has a face for television but a voice for books, and not the audio kind. True, their siblings are more talented and better looking, but they won't hang out with you and these guys will. These are the guys you thought were dorks in high school but it turns out in your late thirties and early forties that they have better lives and a better friendship than you will ever have. There is a certain well rounded nature to the kind of comedy that develops over a quarter century of friendship, it's almost a universe unto itself and this podcast is very adept at bringing the listener into that world and making them feel like they've been a part of it all along.

If you like podcasts for the personalities of the podcasters, glimpses into real life, the witty observations about the world around us, and a certain dorky ball busting then this is a podcast you will like. These dorks are real, yo and not frontin'! Anyone can get into this podcast.

Keep it up fellas.

April 26, 2012 by Jorge Burbank on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show