The Marc and Lowell Show

MandL-iciously funny!

I really love the MandL show. I'm a huge TMOS fan and I wanted to check this show out because I think Marc is funny, whenever they let him have mic time that is. I just didn't know if it would translate on his own show. Well I am pleased to say that Marc and the other host Lowell put out a great podcast. Who cares if only one of them is a professional broadcaster!

It was quite a revelation when I realized that they were the 'Menendez Brothers' from the old Don and Mike show. Wow! Marc and Lowell somehow translate 20+ years of friendship, inside jokes, sex camp and 'The Shack' in to a very funny hour every week. They singlehandedly raise the bar for the buddy-comedy podcast category. Keep up the great work guys.

Feb. 26, 2012 by toltec7 on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show