The Marc and Lowell Show

Consistently Great and Relatable

As a MandL P1, I will admit I am biased but also as a long time listener to D and M and TMOS, I think I know a good quality show when I hear it.

Marc, Lowell and their cast of friends and family have created a show that is "slice of life" funny and relatable to just about everyone. No longer is it about retro sound clips and infomercial bashing (although I'd LOVE more of those), the show has evolved into commentary about life, not just about life as it was "back in the day."

Funny, poignant, and on topic with today, M and L care about the quality of show they produce, both in content and audio.

These guys know how to entertain and have turned their show into a great business, showcasing other talented podcasters through their RELM Network partnership with the legendary Buzz Burbank.

Keep it up, boys. You're doing it right!!


Sept. 11, 2014 by ABQ Dan2112 on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show

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