The Marc and Lowell Show

"The", not "Thee"

The guys are funny and have some funny stories from sex camp. What really makes it fun to listen to is the fact that when he's not on TV, Lowell has no problems relaxing and letting his 3rd-grade sense of humor show through, all without worrying about trying to preserve a "newsguy" image (that was a compliment, by the way.) I love the toilet humor, and Lowell, please get around to telling the story that you told on 98 Rock about your soiled pants in the dumpster.

It's also fun to hear how grumpy Lowell gets, and Marc likes to just egg him on.

My only advice would be for Marc to stop emphasizing "Thee" when he mentions the show's name. Peee-a-weee.

April 6, 2012 by Dan in Bel Air on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show