The Marc and Lowell Show

A bright light of funny in a sea of mediocrity

The Marc and Lowell show, as with most of the other shows on the MORE broadcasting network, is a beacon of funny in the big bowl of okay that is broadcasting these days. These two guys are so real with their stories, always bringing the laughs, and they help fill in a gaping hole in my 2 hour daily commute once a week.

Marc and Lowell deep dive into subjects of their youth, like Dr. Sbaitso or Leisure Suit Larry, that really hit close to home for people of my generation that spent our formative years in the 80's, and they have great takes on how ridiculous things were back then. They always bring an eclectic set of subjects each week to mix it up too.

This show has a lot of upward potential, especially now that the marshmallow vodka has been removed from the house (by the housekeeper?).

Keep up the good work! Hopefully Lowell can parlay his success with this show into some sort of long term career in broadcasting, maybe on the television if he's lucky.

April 11, 2012 by miratim on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show