The Marc and Lowell Show

Best New Podcast, After Marc Got the Marshmallow Vodka Out of His System

As a fan of the Mike O'Meara Show and Big O & Dukes, I'll give any of the related podcasts a listen -- at first. Some work and some don't. As much as I wanted to like the Marc & Lowell Show (largely because I think Marc is underutilized on TMOS), the first two episodes had me worried. Yes, Marc and Lowell are good friends and have a good rapport, but that's not reason enough to make me tune in on a regular basis. But after Marc sobered up, the show really hit its stride and keeps getting better and better.

One tip: Don't hype your stories or your guest stories as "we've got a great story -- you're going to love it." Just tell your stories, enjoy reliving them, and let us listen in. Sometimes the reactions and discussion are better than the stories themselves, and that's okay.

Also, to keep all options open, consider changing the name of the show to "The Ronick and Melser Show." That way, Eric and Jamie can take one or both of your places as appropriate. Jamie is a fantastic guest who should be a regular - she's just naturally funny, has a great voice and laugh, and adds a lot to your show.

April 9, 2012 by mm20910 on Apple Podcasts

The Marc and Lowell Show