"If you think you can or you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

Personal Development Episodes

March 11, 2024

97 Seeking Better Balance with Jill Jacobs: Work Smart, Spend Smart, …

My guest today encountered a personal (and all-too-common) dilemma after she had her son eight years ago. As someone who worked full-time in corporate or tech jobs for most of her career, Jill Jacobs was anxious to get back to …

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July 11, 2022

78 Spencer Newell - Finding The Space Between "All In" and "All Out"

Spencer Newell is a music writer, producer, health coach, trainer, author, and longtime endurance athlete. He has certainly run the gamut in his 43 years - growing up as a high-level endurance athlete, battling a crippling addiction to drugs and...

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March 21, 2022

76 Alison James - CEO, Sport Spuds: Power to the Potato

A musician and teacher by day and potato pusher by night! This is the story of Alison James, CEO of Sports Spuds. Tired of constantly feeling sick and nauseous during her marathons and races, Alison heeded the advice of a …

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Feb. 21, 2022

74 Lisa Hesse - Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Lisa Hesse is a Life and Wellness Coach for Athletes. Her job is to literally change the limiting beliefs of her clients and release them from the, "I Could Nevers." She is passionate about helping women across the wellness continuum …

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Jan. 10, 2022

71 Ken Coleman - Find the Work You Were Born to Do

Are you doing work you love? Are you waking up with purpose? Are you doing work that matters to you? Most, unfortunately, are not. In fact, in 2020, a whopping 65% of employees were already thinking of leaving their jobs …

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Dec. 13, 2021

69 Betsy Hartley - You Don't Have to Go Fast, You Just Can't Quit

Betsy Hartley is an ultrarunner, health coach, and author of the book, "All Bets Are Off - My Journey of Losing 200 Pounds, A Showdown with Diabetes, and Falling in Love with Running." Today, she discusses how her rock bottom …

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