March 7, 2024

When Life Doesn't Go To Plan with Jessica Hepburn

When Life Doesn't Go To Plan with Jessica Hepburn

What a TOTAL honour to bring you this episode on publication day for Jessica Hepburn's third book, "Save Me from the Waves."

Jessica's journey from heartbreak- after unsuccessful IVF and the breakdown of her marriage - to triumph is the central theme of our conversation. We delve into her transformation from a self-proclaimed "unlikely athlete" to the first and only woman to complete the Sea Street Summit Challenge, which includes swimming the English Channel, running the London Marathon, and climbing Mount Everest.

Yes. You read that correctly.

This is just the coolest book - weaving together Jessica's love/obsession (!) with the BBC Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs with her Everest training and eventual summit - it really is such a wonderful read.

Back in November, I met Jessica in a cosy basement office for tea, sounds of London in the background, which is entirely appropriate (you'll understand this when you read the book)!

As we discuss her book (Buy it here now, do not hesitate!), Jessica opens up about her fertility struggles, the trauma of unsuccessful IVF treatments, and the emotional toll it took on her. She reflects on the psychological and physical injuries she endured during her Everest summit, highlighting the parallels between her fertility journey and her mountain expedition.

Jessica emphasises the importance of acknowledging and honouring emotions, from anger to sadness, and the power of turning pain into purpose. She shares insights on the complexities of grief, the significance of finding joy in small moments, and the transformative nature of storytelling.

Jessica's motto, to live "big and brave" echoes through all of our conversation - by embracing vulnerability, telling her truth, and inspiring others to embark on their own adventures of resilience and self-discovery. "Save Me from the Waves" serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for those navigating their own journeys of healing and transformation.

Jessica's substack is here and her Instagram is here.

Come over to the Life Raft website where you'll find so much support waiting.

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