Jan. 25, 2024

Putting Things Right in the Fertility Industry: Jenny Wordsworth

Putting Things Right in the Fertility Industry: Jenny Wordsworth

You are going to LOVE this episode.

Jenny Wordsworth is a lawyer, endurance athlete for the North Face and founder of start up company, OVUM.

When she started trying to conceive herself she took one look at the fertility industry and realised how much simply felt WRONG.

The way we are marketed to; the big brand products which actually do not contain the best ingredients when you examine the science which is now available - Jenny 'absolutely hated' how the trying to conceive community was preyed upon because and she's totally right: 'you and I both know we would do anything to conceive'.

YES. Which is why the fertility industry has a responsibility to wake up, put things right and listen to the people who are actually in it .

Jenny founded her company OVUM on the back of this realisation and I'm really proud to work with them too, which you'll hear a bit more about in the episode (plus a super exciting bit of news which I hadn't heard before we recorded it!).

I hope you hear it and feel comforted and supported in the knowledge that there are people out there doing radical work to rewrite the story and put things right.

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