Feb. 8, 2024

Trying to Conceive: What it's Like for a Couple with Coni and Mike

Trying to Conceive: What it's Like for a Couple with Coni and Mike

Coni and Mike have been trying to conceive and this is such an open, frank, honest (at times slightly hysterical) chat about what it's like and how it's impacting them as a couple.

We talk all things from:

  • getting men thoroughly tested before going down an IVF route
  • how Coni's work in Women's Health and the reproductive wellness space has supported their experience
  • how they felt in 2023 when their dreams of conceiving by Christmas didn't happen
  • their mindset shift for 2024
  • how they're keeping their relationship and sex life feeling positive through the challenges
  • some swears and very open conversations about w***king into cups vs what it's like for women!

You can follow Coni over on instagram as she shares her story with her brilliant and relatable content here and Mike over here .

Head over to Fertility Life Raft now for a comprehensive, accessible, totally brilliant support and resources which can radically transform how you feel as you navigate this experience. Click here now to join us. You're so warmly welcome.

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