Dec. 7, 2023

Finding Peace And Joy This Season

Finding Peace And Joy This Season

Ok my friends, I know Christmas can be one of the hardest times - even if you don't celebrate, the Festive Season can feel triggering as F**k.

So, here's a wee solo episode from me to give you some hope that you can actually use tools and techniques to:

  • honour where you're at
  • not ignore your sadness but give it the space it needs
  • understand how to manage friends and family
  • tap into a feeling of warmth and connection

To take this further I am running a live workshop on Sunday 10th December for members which I'm opening up for anyone to join. I hope you will. It's recorded, (so don't worry if you can't make the time) and if you find this episode after the 10th...I'll make it available to download too. Here's the link to sign up

You'll also hear from some of the people who came to the recent live London event on this episode that I hosted with my friends from Parla and the wonderful Helen Davenport Peace. I love meeting people in real life - so thank you if you came to that event and for letting me record what it was like to come too.

Come and have a look on for more support.

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