Jan. 18, 2024

The Conception Plan - Dr. Larisa Corda

The Conception Plan - Dr. Larisa Corda

What a thrill to bring this episode to you

Dr Larisa Corda is a well-known Fertility doctor. You might have seen her on this morning, and she is also the author of a new book called The Conception Plan, which is smashing records all over the place since it was launched just a couple of weeks ago.

I was fortunate enough to meet Larisa several years ago when we lived near to each other in London and we were both working with a brands on consulting - her from a doctors perspective and me from a patient perspective, and we had a connection.

We’ve had many conversations over the years and I am thrilled to be cheerleading this woman as she brings her brave and trailblazing book out to the world.

This is the second time Larisa has been on this podcast, so I’m really grateful to her for finding the time to speak to me and to bring this to you. I think you’re going to absolutely love it, it’s empowering, it’s about taking ownership, it doesn’t hold back!

We cover everything from the important medical steps you need to consider and looking at alternative therapies as well as that gap between science and spirit and even sex and masturbation. Yep!

It’s all the things Dr. Larisa is passionate about bringing into the mainstream. I think that what she is doing is supporting many patients in not only the important medical steps you need to take but also explaining the science and relevance of many alternative therapies, which, as she says, are often come to as a ‘last resort’, but that she explains, really should be used ‘in tandem’ with the medical treatment on offer and I really couldn’t agree more.

This feels like quite a moment in the Fertility landscape. The Conception Plan is a fantastic book. It’s available now, there is a 12 step Programme in it, and so much information that you can absorb, I really hope you love this episode!

So please go and have a listen.

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