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An uplifting podcast to listen to when you need a pick me up on a a difficult journey. Interesting and such a joy to listen to, looking forward to what’s to come in 2024

A reassuring and empowering voice in the fertility community
I’m so pleased that I stumbled across Alice Rose during my journey. Her podcasts are fantastic, great empowering information with trusted guests. I feel like there can be a lot of noise in the fertility community but Alice has a soothing voice and gentle approach. There’s such a great range of topics to help inform without being overwhelming!

A wonderful podcast with much needed support
Alice is a brilliant supporter of the fertility community and her podcast is a treasure trove of support and hope. Definitely something to have on your own fertility life raft.

A safe place to land
This podcast gives you just what you need navigating the sometimes lonely, confusing and scary world of infertility. The guests and Alice give an insight into different areas of infertility and make topics ok to talk about whether you’re going through infertility or a friend or family member is. There’s something very comforting hearing Alice speak, I have definitely found a safe place to land when I listen. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough, thanks for all you do Alice.

Wonderful listen
Another great episode 🙌 for anyone going through any kind of fertility journey, this is must listen. Alice always chooses such wonderful guests who have amazingly interesting stories.

I’ve found my tribe
I’ve listened to three episodes in one day and it is amazing! I find infertility to be an incredibly lonely place and it was so reassuring to know that how I’m feeling is firstly normal and secondly ok. It is such a great podcast for people who are on this infertility rollercoaster but also friends and family who want to understand more. Thank you to Alice and her guests for sharing their journeys and advice.

Feels like a good safe friend
If I’m having a low day, sometimes I can’t face speaking to a friend as most of them have children or even if they don’t, children/families will often come up in conversation at some point. Listening to Alice’s podcast feels like being with a good safe friend. Thank you Alice for doing everything that you do x

Feeling less alone
Loving Alice’s podcast such a great mix of experiences being spoken in a safe safe I’m able to identify with similar stories on this journey and feel heard Alice is truly a wonderful human her calm nature and understanding ear has helped me no end ! Thank you Alice you have changed my mind set Nicki X x

Informative & reassuring
This podcast is a shining light & warm hug in the darkness that infertility can cause. It’s informative, reassuring & I love listening each week. Alice & her guests give an insight into all aspects of infertility & have open & honest conversations which make you feel less alone.

A must listen
The podcasts and work alice does is amazing. I am part of her reclaimers group and have been from the beginning and she has helped me so much. I don’t feel alone on this ivf journey and I have managed to reclaim back my life and feel I am slowly feeling back to who I used to be before my ivf journey started. I would definitely recommend these podcasts and joining the reclaim /life raft work!!

Friends for your journey
Alice’s podcast does what it promises. Since I’ve “discovered” her and the life raft community I’ve experienced a major shift in my feelings on my infertility: I feel less alone. I believe anyone going through though times needs companionship, as it can be such a lonely place, until you realise how many people out there share your same problems, fears and hopes. Alice’s podcast is informative, funny, with lots of practical information and tips to cope. You’ll meet lots of virtual friends for your journey and I can certainly say that I feel stronger for it.

A must listen and subscribe!
For anyone on a journey to bring home their baby, Alice is amazing. Her podcast series is packed full of great guests and is such a comfort to listen to. Hearing real life experiences helps to not feel isolated and alone on what is probably the most challenging journey. Listen, subscribe and feel connected to a community of incredible people. Can’t recommend enough xx

You’re not alone...
The chats in this podcast are so great for anyone going through or supporting someone through anything relating to infertility. I found myself nodding in agreement, shedding a tear, feeling well informed and ultimately feeling much less alone. Alice is a fab host and has some wonderful guests. Highly recommended.

Super helpful
I’ve listened to 4 episodes so far and especially love the debrief and tools to use, pleased I found this podcast :)

Amazing - you’ll feel better after listening to this!
Like everything Alice does, this is crafted with so much insight, hard work and heart. She is an absolute beacon of light helping to support us all and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next in this amazing series. You rock Alice!

Music to my ears
Alice makes you feel at home and knows what conversations are needing to be had! This was one of the first podcasts I decided to listen to on this topic and it gave me everything and more. This is much a needed podcast for the fertility community and I would 100% recommend.

Really really really great !
Everything is articulated so well, Thank you for making this podcast. Will recommend to many, very versatile

Love this
Alice is great, so empathetic and calming. This podcast is great for those experiencing infertility or family/friends who want to understand more.

Thank you Alice
Yet again, I just love this podcast. I feel really privileged to be able to listen in on these amazing conversations that are so open and honest. They are inspiring and courageous and I cannot thank the people who contribute more. Alice, you provide a wonderful space and I find you wonderful to listen to. Thank you so much. This is much a needed podcast for the fertility community and I would recommend it to anyone who is part of this. Thank you!

A must listen for those going through infertility or trying to support a friend.
I love Alice, her calmness, her sensitivity and kindness shine through and I find her approach both soothing an informative. This podcast came to me via the BFN and it’s been the springboard for following Alice and insta. Highly recommend! Xx

Must listen if you’ve ever gone through fertility issues
I love this podcast. It’s so informative and it’s so hard to find support on this topic which is so rarely openly spoken about! The guests are so inspiring and Emily is such a voice of compassion and solidarity. Thanks!

Honest and empathetic
How I wish this podcast had existed during our darkest days of trying to conceive and losing babies. Alice and her guests are refreshingly honest and open about their experiences. Have recently listed to Zara opening up the conversation about termination for medical reasons and found the episode very powerful. Thank you for this xx

Fabulous content!
Absolutely love the lady who is Alice Rose and everything she has presented in this fantastic podcast. Incredibly interesting topical and supportive content definitely worth a listen!!!!

A good all rounder
A great podcast for whatever part of the fertility journey you are on or whether you just want to become more knowledgeable on the vast topics on infertility and loss. Good for those in the thick of this journey and those who want to learn more to better support others!

Brilliant 💜
Alice just gets it, and it’s so refreshing to listen to. If you’re struggling with TTC / infertility, this is definitely one to listen to.

Amazing podcast
I started listening to this podcast just over a week ago and it is truly brilliant. I have binge listened to them all and I can honestly say every episode was relevant and informative. Having fertility problems myself it is so great to hear others stories, perspectives and advice. It highlights how much help and support is available which is so comforting as it is so easy to feel alone, isolated and generally like a failure. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough - Alice Rose is a true inspiration!

Real and relateable
Love this podcast having found it recently when thrust into the unknown world of Trying To Conceive! Thank you 💕

I love how Alice and the guests of this podcast always seem to be able to put into words the thoughts and feelings that I find so hard to articulate myself at this time. I always come away feeling validated and understood. Thank you xx

Amazing podcast
So thoughtfully done and with such care, respect and empathy . Found this episode about parents particularly pertinent due to where I am right now. What you do to this make this journey easier is incredible xxx

Brilliantly uplifting
This podcast is like a breath of fresh air for anyone going through infertility or who knows anyone going through it. There will be many tough days for people going through these struggles, but there has never been a time when I haven't felt more positive, calm and understood after listening to Alice. Thankyou.