Fertility Life Raft

Fertility Life Raft

Hi. I'm Alice.
After my own fertility journey I wanted to support and empower other people facing one too. I needed:

powerful tools to cope

crucial information

must have mindset hacks

connection to a community who got it

So, on board my podcast the Life Raft this is what you'll find.
It's a totally safe space, so you can get cosy and listen to warm, honest, sometimes funny, inspiring and uplifting conversations with leading life coaches; mindset experts, thought leaders, real life patients plus topical news and so much more.
I am determined to make this all just feel much less scary or overwhelming for you, less lonely and much more manageable, whatever your story. It is time to radically change the narrative for people going through all this (and our wider society).
Also, I promise never, ever to tell you to 'just relax'. Not on my watch.
PLUS when you subscribe, rate and review I'll send you a big box of chocolate brownies OK?? The more ratings and reviews we receive, the more people will find it and hopefully use it to build their own Life Raft. (*alright the brownies were a big fat lie, but I will send you a LOT of virtual love).
Oh, also I have an amazingly positive and lovely Instagram community so come and find us there for more support.
If you're ready to start feeling better right now, head to my website www.thisisalicerose.com where you can find actionable, bite-sized downloads including my best selling 10 day mindset shift course.
Take care,

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March 7, 2024

When Life Doesn't Go To Plan with Jessica Hepburn

What a TOTAL honour to bring you this episode on publication day for Jessica Hepburn's third book, "Save Me from the Waves." Jessica's journey from heartbreak- after unsuccessful IVF and the breakdown of her marriage - to tr…
Feb. 29, 2024

TTC: What it's like for friends with Amber Izzo & Annabel Gurnett

In this episode of the Fertility Life Raft podcast I speak with Annabel and Amber from Am I Ovary Acting about navigating friendships and what happens when you’re both trying to conceive, then one of you gets pregnant and ha…
Feb. 15, 2024

Trying to Conceive: Sex and Relationships with Kate Moyle

Kate Moyle is my guest today. She is the Therapist on the BBC Three series Sex On The Couch ., host of The Sexual Wellness Sessions Podcast and Director at The Thought House Partnership , Accredited by the College of Sexual …
Feb. 8, 2024

Trying to Conceive: What it's Like for a Couple with Coni and Mike

Coni and Mike have been trying to conceive and this is such an open, frank, honest (at times slightly hysterical) chat about what it's like and how it's impacting them as a couple. We talk all things from: getting men thorou…
Jan. 25, 2024

Putting Things Right in the Fertility Industry: Jenny Wordsworth

You are going to LOVE this episode. Jenny Wordsworth is a lawyer, endurance athlete for the North Face and founder of start up company, OVUM . When she started trying to conceive herself she took one look at the fertility in…
Jan. 18, 2024

The Conception Plan - Dr. Larisa Corda

What a thrill to bring this episode to you Dr Larisa Corda is a well-known Fertility doctor. You might have seen her on this morning, and she is also the author of a new book called The Conception Plan, which is smashing rec…