Jan. 11, 2024

Male factor, moon phases and yoga

Male factor, moon phases and yoga

Hello Life Raft pod peeps. Please meet Gemma. Gemma is a Life Raft member, a personal coaching client of mine and very much still in the middle of her own fertility voyage on board the Raft.

She's also a certified yoga teacher, fertility yoga trained and is running a gorgeous 4 week yoga course for the Life Raft which you can join right here:


Gemma's yoga IG is here and her website is here.

In this chat we share Gemma and Ed's story and all of the ways she navigates through it.

Things we cover:

  • male factor infertility (azoospermia and microtese)
  • donor conception
  • how she manages triggers
  • what she feels before and after a yoga class
  • how her yoga classes support a 'rekindling' of her relationship with her body which can get so damaged through this fertility times
  • how living in alignment and learning more about the moon phases has impacted her life

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