Nov. 28, 2023

Moving Through the Trauma Years; Susannah Tresilian

Moving Through the Trauma Years; Susannah Tresilian

This is a very special episode with an amazing woman: Susannah Tresilian, who I know personally through a family connection. 

Susannah is a theatre director with extensive experience in the UK and international theatre world, as well as a leadership coach with experience coaching and training around the world and a successful audio career in podcasts, and BBC arts and factual programming. She produced documentaries, dramas and BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour for many years; The Arts Hour on the BBC World Service, and made the Books podcast for the Guardian.

She has directed and toured theatre productions around Europe; co-produced international festivals in UK, Italy and France; and has delivered workshops in corporate, arts, academic and educational settings.

She has founded ARIADNE, working with women who make social and political theatre to inspire change around the world. 

Susannah found time to speak to me about how she navigated what she calls the Trauma Years.

We talk about the impact of recurrent pregnancy loss on her personal life, career and identity.

She shares a profoundly personal moment, when she decided to consciously move out of that era and step into the new version of herself at her Dad, Nicholas Tresilian’s memorial service. There’s a powerful piece of audio included here from Nicholas’s last ever broadcast on Classic FM which had to be part of this episode when I heard Susannah talking about this moment in her life.

This was one of my favourite conversations- I do think, whatever your own story, it’s a must listen. Full of wisdom, kindness, compassion and of course we talk about what kept Susannah afloat on her own life raft, through her journey to finally bringing two daughters into the world.

If you found this show moving, helpful or you just want to let Susannah know what listening to her story meant to you, please leave a review and share the episode.

These conversations reach much further when listeners can spend a minute or so to do this and they really do find those who need them this way: thank you for being part of this with me.

You can find more on Susannah’s coaching company here:

The Leadership Collective.

If you're in the middle of a Fertility voyage yourself, please head to for immediate support, 1:1 transformative coaching; the membership, downloads and free resources too. 


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