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Nov. 22, 2019

What's it like for the Parents: Jen and Eileen

What's it like for the Parents: Jen and Eileen

I had the honour of chatting to Jen Roberts and h…

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I had the honour of chatting to Jen Roberts and her Mum, Eileen, (back when the weather was a tad less icy!) and it’s one of my favourite podcast episodes yet. Eileen’s insight from a mother’s perspective on what it’s like to watch your child experience infertility, miscarriage, IVF- and then to share it all on Instagram- is just so moving and important. These two are such personalities!! And both are so eloquent. I hope that lots of parents will get comfort from listening and that maybe this chat will also help you to know that the tricky feelings that come up within families as a result of all this are all really, really normal. Jen and Eileen are so real and authentic. We cover loads here including a difficult decision over what to do for Jen this Christmas with a new baby due any day now in the family. I would love for you to share this episode and let me know what you think. Jen has had a really hard time recently but was still happy for me to share this in the hope that her truth and honesty would bring comfort to others - I am so grateful for the privilege of being part of this conversation and to be able to share it with you. Fave quotes: Eileen: "I am of an age where instagram is not at the forefront of my being...I started thinking - I wouldn’t have said that! This is so personal and private...I was beside myself that she was 'airing her dirty washing in public'! But the more I read, the more I understood..." Jen: "the way you respond now is with much more empathy and understanding that I was perceiving was the case before" Eileen: "If you sat here now and you said: if you had your leg chopped off but in 9 months Jen would have a healthy baby I would say: right...let’s go. I would. Because for me: it’s a trade off I could do, to get her what she wants." thisisalicerose.com Instagram @thisisalicerose


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