May 25, 2023

The Science and Magic of Embryology

The Science and Magic of Embryology

Listen up listen up - this is a really good episode, please do have a listen.

So much more than your average fertility info chat. Lucy Lines is a clinical embryologist and knows a shit load of stuff, with over 23 years experience in the field - and more than that, she’s here to help balance out the fertility industry.

She’s an impartial voice of reason in a world which can actually FORGET that at its heart, is a patient.

We cover tons of things in this pod including semen analysis (and the car dealership analogy which I can’t explain, you’ll have to listen, but it’s so good), the amazing studies which show how the impact of what we think and feel and how supported we are can have on what our bodies can do and why actually, there is MAGIC in the IVF lab. It’s not all science.

We also both agree that you need a holistic approach when it comes to fertility treatment: the science bit and the other stuff, all the things I do. Mindset, personal development, support, community.

So here! Have a listen. And would you do a favour for me please and leave a quick rating on Apple or Spotify? (I only have 11 ratings on Spotify compared to 250 on Apple, so you know…I’ve got a bit of work to do to catch up).

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