Oct. 5, 2023

Support, hope and awareness: black baby loss with Alicia Burnett

Support, hope and awareness: black baby loss with Alicia Burnett

This week I'm chatting to Alicia Burnett, founder of Black Baby Loss Awareness Week and Tommy's midwife.

Alicia only started speaking publicly about her own experience when her little boy died after a complicated diagnosis at six months old. This is a really beautiful and moving episode which is full of hope - if you are affected by baby loss, please know that there are lots of places to go for support which is something we chat about in this episode along with all the things which

Alicia found supported her through her own experience and why we so desperately need Black Baby Loss Awareness.


Within the Life Raft membership we have a specific group for women who have been through loss; expert content and live support plus a pregnancy after loss or infertility support group (kept completely separate to the main space).

There are also lots of Life Raft podcast episodes you can listen to for hope, compassion and so much warmth and empathy.

Tommy's, Sands and the Miscarriage Association are all wonderful charities who are ready to support you. 

There are also wonderful books from writers Pippa Vosper, Jennie Agg, Sophie Martin, Elle Wright and Zoe Clarke Coates and Bex and Laura from The Worst Girl Gang Ever. 


If you are looking for connection, compassion, warmth and support right now join my free 3 Day Gentle Mindset Challenge starting Wednesday 11th October. 

Hear and read more from Alicia on Instagram via @midwife_alicia and @blackbabylossawareness.

For more information about the Tommy's services mentioned in this podcast, go to tommys.org.

You can find all the resources I provide at fertilityliferaft.com and follow us on Instagram.

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