April 27, 2023

So Much Pressure

So Much Pressure

From toxins to negative thoughts: it's not your fault

Helen and I have regularly shared between us on many many whatsapp voice notes, how we feel about the wildly enormous pressure put on people trying to conceive and the bombardment of information available.

It's not that we can't take responsibility for our health and feel empowered education and the information needed: it's about how we communicate it and what this massive pressure does to people who are told that negative thoughts, wifi or a thousand other things are going to impact their chances of having a baby.

Or that they have a mindset block or somehow they're repelling fertility simply by...being.

Just: no. It is so important that we get the right information, the information that we can actually do something about AND that it is correctly communicated so that we don't pile on yet more blame to those who are also being told to just relax or go on holiday. GAH.

Breathe. We've got you.

One of the most powerful things you can do in a fertility journey is to breathe and reconnect to yourSELF. How? I'll do it with you...

RECLAIM, my course, is open now and is the ultimate companion for anyone walking this path feeling overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated, lost...you name it. I have supported nearly 500 people through my programme: it works. Find out more here and grab one of the last remaining £50 off codes with LRRECLAIM

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THANK YOU. PS have you got questions about RECLAIM? Just send me an email alice@fertilityliferaft.com and I'll come back to you. Ax


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