Sept. 28, 2023

Shema Tariq - My Unexpected Story

Shema Tariq - My Unexpected Story

NOTE: Please be aware that this episode covers stillbirth, donor conception and unexpected conception without assisted reproduction.

It was a total joy to chat to Shema on this episode about her story and why she’s so passionate about her work as a Trustee for Tommy’s.

Shema tells me about how she got through losing her little boy, Altair; how she felt when she heard she’d need donor conception and the extraordinary story of how her little girl came to be!

We have a bit of a rant about how mainstream media cover anything to do with fertility, particularly the recent story which picked up on research that discovered ‘one in 5 women will go on to have a natural pregnancy after having an IVF baby’.

We also talk about the power of connection and why we need to have conversations like this one! From people who have been through it all, to offer hope, guidance and support to others going through it now.

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