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Oct. 25, 2019

Kate Meakin- secondary infertility, cancer and style

Kate Meakin- secondary infertility, cancer and style

Hi guys! We're just a few days away from Fertilit…

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Hi guys! We're just a few days away from Fertility Week and I share a bit about the BBC work I've been creating and working on behind the scenes in this episode; I also share a wonderful, open and honest conversation with Kate Meakin. Kate and her husband Phil are trying to have their second child while going through unimaginably trying circumstances after Phil was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. We cover the difficult assumptions made for anyone experiencing infertility after already having a child; why Kate hosts her brilliant weekly fashion and style hashtag with Keeley (#wednesdaywewear and @_tryingtobeamum_) and how she gets through the really, really hard days. We also talk about this problem: 'we measure the ability to be compassionate to people with how much they’ve been through; we just need to recognise, it’s relative." I couldn't agree more with this, but would love to hear your thoughts too? Have a listen and get in touch to let me know; share with your friends and do leave a review or a rating. Each and every one means the world. Thank you! Alice x


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