June 28, 2021

IVF Postcode Lottery and Taking Ownership with Amber Izzo

IVF Postcode Lottery and Taking Ownership with Amber Izzo

I had the honor of chatting to Amber Izzo in this episode IVF Postcode Lottery and Taking Ownership. We speak about her amazing Fight For IVF Campaign, and talk about working through the frustration of being told, "You're young. You'll be fine!" and what it feels like on the other side of those words. We also have a good chat about how to stay in your own lane while still being part of this supportive community, and how important is is to not compare our stories with anyone else. So looking forward to sharing this conversation with you!

Amber is navigating the world of infertility having been through multiple cycles of failed IVF, embarking on another cycle whilst acting as a fertility advocate, leading the Fight For IVF campaign, and the founder of Innovation Fertility, an online support hub for people trying to conceive!


In this episode, we speak about:

• Working through the frustration of being told, “You’re young. You’ve got plenty of time. It’ll be fine.” 

• Amber’s choice to take action and begin making changes through her Fight For IVF campaign

• The importance of taking ownership and identifying where we are responsible in finding a way through infertility in a more positive and proactive way

• What support and tools Amber has in her Life Raft

• Learning how to stay in your own lane while still being part of a supportive community

• Reframing what positivity means for each individual experience

• Innovation Fertility as a space created from a desire to offer support Amber wished she’d had at the start of her infertility journey


Powerful Quotes:

"It’s forced me to be a bit more confident in myself. Infertility has done that in general; it’s forced me to really get to know myself as a person."

"You can learn and take on board what other people say to you but ultimately you have to stay true to yourself."

"I’m not accepting of the fact I’m infertile. I don’t accept it but I have resigned to it. I understand this is the situation I’m in, and all I can do is ride the wave."

"When I think about accepting my situation, I don’t want to accept the fact I`m infertile. I don't want that to be my story. That it’s my beginning and my end. But I resign to the fact that this is the situation I’m in right now and I resign to the fact that my path to parenthood isn’t going to be easy. I accept it’s the situation I’m in, but it’s not who I am."


Connect with Amber:

Instagram - www.instagram.com/amber.izzo

Website - www.amberizzo.com

Innovation Fertility - www.innovationfertility.com


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