Nov. 25, 2021

How Do I Stay Positive and Realistic at the Same Time?

How Do I Stay Positive and Realistic at the Same Time?

I get asked so many questions through Instagram and through my membership and community spaces, and a lot of them are often quite similar. My mission here is to impact as many people as I can in the most accessible way possible, so in these Bitesize episodes, I'm going to take a question and give a pointed answer which I hope will be inspiring to you! I would love to hear how it lands and if it’s helpful for you, so please do reach out and let me know!

In this Bitesize Episode, I answer the question: How Do You Stay Positive and Realistic at the Same Time? I share two ends of the spectrum and then dive into the specifics of The Positivity Balance, which are things you can use for support on your journey. There's such freedom and empowerment available for you, and I hope this episode is an encouragement!

In this episode, we speak about:

• A common question asked: How do you stay positive and realistic at the same time?

• How to stop worrying about being positive all the time

• How to stop deliberately choosing negative thoughts

• How anyone can stay truly positive always, completely, effortlessly - and it isn’t what you think!

• A reminder that we are all human beings on planet earth having a human experience

Powerful Quotes:

It is not possible to be a human having a human experience on planet earth and only be positive.

It’s really hard to feel energized or motivated or excited about anything in your life if you’re keeping yourself in a negative mindset to protect yourself from the pain if things don’t work out.

How we stay effortlessly positive is by understanding that positivity means truthful and truthful means alignment with who we are and what we’re going through and not judging ourselves for what comes up.


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